Kura Kura Badminton Courts, Bali by IBUKU + Studio Jencquel

an organically shaped building made of bamboo

Project Specs


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最初的概念中,Studio Jencquel希望通过构建凸屋顶空间来满足室内羽毛球馆的人体工学规范。在球场中心,球网上方的高度需要达到9m,因此,球场的天花板选用梭形,模拟了乌龟壳的曲线形态。此外,还有更多要素决定了屋顶的形状与高度,不仅球场内的气流需要冷却,还要创造无风环境以保证球的飞行不受影响。因此设计师根据主要风向确定了建筑物的朝向,并使屋顶的两端贴近地面。

⁠▼项目概览,overview © Tommaso Riva

It was Studio Jencquel’s initial concept/idea to conceive a convex roofline that would solve some of the ergonomic requirements needed for an indoor badminton court. At the center of the court, above the net, a height of 9m is required, and therefore the ceiling of this court was to mimic the trajectory of a shuttle-cock, resulting in a turtle-like curved shape. Other considerations affecting the shape and height of this roof where the need to allow airflow for cooling, while simultaneously stopping the wind, which would interfere with the shuttlecock’s flight. That’s why the buildings orientation was positioned in consideration of the predominant wind patterns, and the roof almost grazes the ground on two of its extremities.

⁠▼龟壳般的建筑形体,the turtle-like curved shape © Tommaso Riva

⁠▼内部空间,the interior view © Tommaso Riva

⁠▼从球场中心望室外,view of the outside from the center of the court © Tommaso Riva

⁠▼球场一侧的圆拱门,the round arch door © Tommaso Riva

⁠▼竹制格栅,the bamboo grilles © Tommaso Riva

在热带地区,以竹子为材料实现这种有机形态的建筑是显而易见的最佳选择。Studio Jencquel的创始人Maximilian Jencquel与IBUKU工作室的朋友Elora Hardy达成合作,共同为概念方案设计了结构。Elora Hardy是巴厘岛乃至世界范围内最有经验、最专业的竹设计师,她的团队不仅为项目提出了令人惊喜的篮状编织结构,也作为竹艺匠人,一并承担了实际的建设工作。

⁠▼屋顶结构,the roof structure © Tommaso Riva

Bamboo was the obvious choice for such an organically shaped building in the tropics. ⁠Studio Jencquel’s founder Maximilian Jencquel approached his friend Elora Hardy from @ibukubali, the most experienced and professional bamboo designers/ builders on Bali (and probably the world) to help design a structure for the aforementioned concept. Elora and her team came up with this intriguing, basket-like woven structure, which they not only conceived, but also built with their amazing team of bamboo carpenters. ⁠

⁠▼细部,details © Tommaso Riva

Collaboration: IBUKU + Studio Jencquel 
Year completed: 2016

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