Kulturhalle Christoph Willibald Gluck by KÜHNLEIN Architektur

Integration of historic buildings with contemporary design

Project Specs


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Urban planning

项目位于德国拜仁州Berching镇,建筑的前身是一座位于镇中心的闲置谷仓,经改造后变身为文化大厅,接替Berching文化工厂举办各项文化活动。项目由 KÜHNLEIN Architektur事务所设计,通过拆除20世纪80年代的现有酒店建筑,使Berching镇沿Sulz河畔的中心区域得到了价值上的重组。

After an intensive search for a new location for the replacement building for the culture factory in Berching, an inner-city area with vacant buildings was acquired by the city of Berching. By dismantling the existing hotel building from the 1980s, the valuable inner-city area on the Sulz was reorganized.

▼项目鸟瞰,bird view of the project © Michael Kühnlein jun


In addition to the medieval hospital building, the Hotel Post’s new beer garden also forms the forecourt to the new Berching cultural hall and is therefore an area that is always lively. The renovation of the Hotel Post, the redesign of the sulz-shore and the new culture hall will create an attractive space in Berching in the middle of the historic old town.

The project also includes the redesign of the sulz-shore © Michael Kühnlein jun



Architecture and construction


The building with its steep gable roof takes up the traditional features of the historic barns and reinterprets them. The timber comes exclusively from the city’s own forest. For this purpose, spruce was used as construction wood for the roof and gable surfaces and a grid made of black pine for the facade cladding.The woods are treated with a traditional, non-toxic quark-casein coating.

the steep gable roof made of the timber comes exclusively from the city’s own forest © Michael Kühnlein jun

演出大厅明亮开敞,空间充足,还带有舞台以及后台区域,大厅内多种多样的座椅形式满足了不同种类活动的需求。舞台通过升降平台与大厅和地下室相连。此外,带有工业荧光灯管的可调光吊灯是由KÜHNLEIN Architekur专门为该项目定制设计的。

The hall with stage and backstage area offers space for various seating and event variants. The stage is connected to the level of the hall and basement with a lifting platform. The dimmable chandeliers with industrial fluorescent tubes were designed by KÜHNLEIN Architekur for the project.

▼大厅内部概览,overall of the interior © Michael Kühnlein jun


The entire interior design is deliberately designed plain and simple with inexpensive materials. The herringbone cladding in the hall with different proportions of joints serves the room acoustics and regulates the reverberation time. At the same time, it serves to stiffen the roof and wall surfaces.

The herringbone cladding in the hall © Michael Kühnlein jun

details of the wall and the seatings © Michael Kühnlein jun


The flanking side wing with flat roof is subordinate to the gable roof structure and contains the ancillary rooms such as sanitary facilities, kitchen and storage rooms. The side wing is made of concrete for fire protection reasons. These exposed concrete surfaces provide a striking contrast to the wooden construction. The sanitary rooms are deliberately sparse and sober with stainless steel items and slim mirrors with simple lights.

exposed concrete surfaces provide a striking contrast to the wooden construction © Michael Kühnlein jun

hallway of the side wing © Michael Kühnlein jun

the slim mirrors with simple lights in the sanitary © Michael Kühnlein jun

stainless steel items © Michael Kühnlein jun

▼夜景,night view © Michael Kühnlein jun

▼区位图,site plan © KÜHNLEIN Architektur

▼总平面图,master plan © KÜHNLEIN Architektur

▼一层平面图,ground floor plan © KÜHNLEIN Architektur

▼地下室平面图,basement floor plan © KÜHNLEIN Architektur

▼立面图,elevation © KÜHNLEIN Architektur

▼剖面图,sections © KÜHNLEIN Architektur

Berching, 17.11.2020
© Michael Kühnlein jun.

Project info:

Adress: 92334 Berching, Germany

Completition: October 2020

Architect: KÜHNLEIN Architektur

Photocredits: KÜHNLEIN Architektur

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