KPF Completes Ultra-Luxury Rosewood Hotel in Hong Kong

The soaring tower celebrates the city’s impressive verticality

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耸立在壮丽的维港艺术设计区中心地带,香港瑰丽酒店成为该国际奢华酒店品牌的全球标志,Victoria Dockside艺术设计区的一颗璀璨明珠。

Located in the heart of the Victoria Dockside art and design district, the new vertical private estate serves as a global icon for the international luxury hotel brand.

▼酒店鸟瞰图,the bird-eye’s view of the hotel ©New World Development

Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates(KPF)欣然宣布香港瑰丽酒店的落成。瑰丽酒店是Victoria Dockside再开发项目的地标建筑,这一新的创新文化中心同样由KPF设计,位于九龙半岛顶端的维多利亚港海滨。设计旨在突出香港这座城市令人印象深刻的垂直感,这座65层高的塔楼标志着香港从商业中心到文化之都的发展变化,为城市天际线增添了令人瞩目的新景色。

Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF) is pleased to announce the completion of the Rosewood Hotel in Hong Kong. The Rosewood Tower anchors the redeveloped Victoria Dockside, Hong Kong’s new creative and cultural hub, also designed by KPF, alongside Victoria Harbor’s waterfront at the tip of Kowloon Peninsula. Designed to celebrate the city’s impressive verticality, the 65-story tower signals Hong Kong’s evolution from a center of commerce to a cultural capital, and offers a distinguished new addition to the city’s skyline.

▼酒店外观,酒店位于九龙半岛顶端的维多利亚港海滨,exterior view of the hotel that is located alongside Victoria Harbor’s waterfront at the tip of Kowloon Peninsula ©New World Development

▼酒店外观,高耸的塔楼突出了香港令人印象深刻的垂直感,exterior view of the hotel, the soaring tower celebrates the city’s impressive verticality ©New World Development

“在单一的建筑物内打造这样一个复杂的综合用途社区标志着KPF在城市区域类项目方面迈上新的高度,瑰丽酒店不仅仅是Victoria Dockside的标志,同时成为了更大范围的九龙社区和维多利亚港的地标。”——KPF总裁James von Klemperer

“The realization of such a complex mixed-use neighborhood within a single building marks a high-point in KPF’s urban precinct portfolio,” says KPF President James von Klemperer. “The Rosewood Hotel in Hong Kong anchors the Victoria Dockside development as well as the greater Kowloon neighborhood and Victoria Harbor.”

▼酒店外观,丰富了城市天际线,exterior view of the hotel, enriching the city’s skyline ©New World Development

“瑰丽酒店将为香港和世界各地的豪华城市酒店设计树立新的标杆,我们很自豪能与瑰丽酒店方及其才华横溢的设计师团队并肩工作。”——KPF执行总监Forth Bagley

“Rosewood Hong Kong will surely set a new bar for luxury urban hotel design in Hong Kong and around the world,” added KPF Principal Forth Bagley. “We are proud to have worked side-by-side with Rosewood and their talented team of designers.”

▼酒店外观局部,partial exterior view of the hotel ©Rosewood Hotels

这座256米高的酒店塔楼包括短租酒店公寓、酒店式公寓及精品办公空间,室内由Tony Chi设计,这一大楼展现了重新焕发活力的Victoria Dockside滨水区。塔楼阶梯式、不规则体量代表多种业态分区,同时保持了一致的外部设计语言。石柱体现了塔楼的挺拔感,透过全景玻璃窗,维港以及九龍嶺美景一览无余。

Comprising short-stay hotel accommodations, serviced residences, and boutique office space, the 256-meter-tall Rosewood Tower, with interiors by Tony Chi, announces from afar the reinvigorated Victoria Dockside waterfront neighborhood. The landmark tower’s stepped, irregular massing expresses its multiple programmatic divisions while maintaining a cohesive exterior language. Stone piers communicate the tower’s verticality, while panoramic glass insets offer unobstructed views of Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong, and Kowloon Peak.

▼酒店外观局部,石柱体现了塔楼的挺拔感,partial exterior view of the hotel, stone piers communicate the tower’s verticality ©KPF

▼酒店外观局部,采用阶梯式的造型和不规则的体量,partial exterior view of the hotel with stepped and irregular massing ©New World Development

▼酒店外观局部,塔楼的布局根据人的使用而变化,从而创造出动感的天际线体验,partial exterior view of the hotel,   the tower’s disposition shifts depending on one’s vantage point, contributing to a dynamic skyline experience ©New World Development

▼酒店外观局部细节,玻璃幕墙的使用保持了一致的外部设计语言,details of the exterior facade, the use of the glass curtain wall maintains a cohesive exterior language ©New World Development


From other neighborhoods in Hong Kong, the tower’s disposition shifts depending on one’s vantage point, contributing to a dynamic skyline experience. Multiple terraces are located at various levels of the building, providing outdoor space the hotel’s amenities, event spaces, and guest suites.

▼从酒店内部空间向外看周边的城市景色和露台,the view of the surrounding city and the terrace looking from the interior space ©Rosewood Hotels

▼酒店客房,俯瞰维港,the guest room overlooking the Victoria Harbor ©Rosewood Hotels

▼酒店客房局部,光线充足,具有景观视野,partial interior view of the guest room with abundant natural light and views ©Rosewood Hotels


The completion of the Rosewood Hong Kong adds to KPF’s growing portfolio of hospitality work around the world. Other projects include the nearly complete Rosewood Bangkok, a geometric tower in the city’s central business district, as well as projects currently under construction such as The Royal Atlantis, a new icon on Dubai’s waterfront, the Qiantan Center, a mixed-use tower with a large hotel program in Shanghai, and One Crown Place, a complex renovation and new construction project in London.

▼酒店局部夜景,partial exterior view at night ©Rosewood Hotels

Total Gross Area: 3,476,739 SF (323,000 M2)
Building Height: 918 F (280 M)
Floors: 64
Rooms: 413

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