Kindergarden Enneberg by ARCHITEKT ANDREAS GRUBER

A place allows kids to learn with playful games

Project Specs


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Enneberg幼儿园坐落于南蒂罗尔圣维吉利奥(San Vigilio Di Marebbe),由ARCHITEKT ANDREAS GRUBER事务所改造设计。该项目是在教育专家的指导下完成,设计内容涉及到原有幼儿园的扩建以及内部的翻新改造。项目旨在以长远的发展眼光,为未来的使用者营造出温馨舒适的环境氛围。

The project developed by ARCHITEKT ANDREAS GRUBER in cooperation with the educational staff, concern the extension of the existing kindergarten. The focus was on a long-term concept, from the point of view of the future user.

▼项目外观概览,overall of the project © ARCHITEKT ANDREAS GRUBER


The purpose was to create a child-friendly spaces, light-flooded, which allows kids to learn with playful games. Thermal bricks, plaster and natural wood surfaces were the main materials used. The pattern of the facade reflects the playful nature of the children. Moreover, the colorful concept gives the building a playful character. The different heights and distances of the windows focus the surrounding alpine landscape.

▼彩色的立面图案反映出孩子们顽皮的天性,The pattern of the facade reflects the playful nature of the children © ARCHITEKT ANDREAS GRUBER

▼立面细部,details of the facade © ARCHITEKT ANDREAS GRUBER


The flexibility and livability of the classrooms, the scale and proportions, as well as the accessibility, have a basic role in the project. Focus was also to create more sheltered and reserved place so-called “retreat places”. The wide frames of the windows are thought as part of the architectural concept. They characterize the rooms and they can be used as sitting place or play areas.

▼室内概览,overall of the interior © ARCHITEKT ANDREAS GRUBER

▼设计注重留白与“静修空间”,The design pays attention to white space and “retreat places”. © ARCHITEKT ANDREAS GRUBER

▼宽大的窗沿可以作为休息娱乐区,The wide frames can be used as sitting place or play areas © ARCHITEKT ANDREAS GRUBER


In order to encourage the children’s creativity, bespoke furniture was designed in collaboration with interior designers from MarchGut. These are special educational modules that can be moved freely around the rooms and satisfies the children’s primary needs. The educational modules are made of solid wood and the interior surfaces are covered with user-friendly surfaces, in there children’s can freely develop their senses and abilities.

▼木制教育家具模块,Wooden educational furniture module © ARCHITEKT ANDREAS GRUBER

▼楼梯细部,detail of the staircase © ARCHITEKT ANDREAS GRUBER

Spingeser Str. 4/a
39040 Natz Schabs
Bolzano- Italy
Client: Gemeinde Enneberg / Liftgesellschaft Enneberg AG
Building Costs: 2,5Mio €
Project Partner
March Gut Industrial Design
Ingeneering Tecnoplan
Baucon GmbH Site Security

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