KEIZO HOUSE, Beijing by odd

Showing the unique artistic charm of the old house while meeting the needs of modern daily life.

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In Beijing, the traditional courtyard houses dominate the neighborhoods inside the second road. In most cases, the courtyard house is shared by several families with private kitchens and bathrooms squeezed in the courtyard, leaving narrow paths in-between. The unguided self-extensions not only radically reduce the life quality of the resident but also increase the challenges of conserving these valuable architectures. Yet although the facades are ruins, the charm of the traditional wood and brick structure can never be replicated by the modern architectures.

The different functions of modern life are integrated in the cubic volume, which vertically divide and organize the limiting space. By inserting such volume odd manage to maximum the functionalities of the house without destroying the sense of form of the original space. The fine conservation of the brick wall and wood structure shows the respect to the history. The project shows the unique artistic charm of the old house while meets the needs of modern daily life.

▼ 空间中植入的方形体量重整空间功能,The different functions of modern life are integrated in the cubic volume


▼ 前侧为厨房空间,The kitchen locates in the front



▼ 位于后侧的衣帽间,The dressing room locates at the rear


▼ 卧室则利用空间高度,置于二层,The bedroom locates at the loft floor


▼ 平面图,Plan

Z:01_ODD_PROJECTodd_042_keizo house01_CAD01_CAD_current1

项目名称:Keizo的家 KEIZO house
organizers: odd (okamoto deguchi design)
designers: odd ( 冈本庆三keizo okamoto, 出口勉 tsutomu deguchi )
photo credit: 锐景摄影 (广松美佐江 misae Hiromatsu 宋显明 Song Xianming

MORE: odd,更多关于他们,请至:odd on gooood

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