KCAP + FELIXX赢得深圳东部海堤重建国际竞赛




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KCAP + FELIXX赢得深圳东部海堤重建的国际竞赛。这条长达130公里的岸线沿着位于香港和深圳之间海湾的天然绿色半岛——大鹏延展。2018年9月,台风山竹不同程度地破坏了半岛的基础设施。借此契机大鹏启动了重塑海岸安全的国际竞赛,提出高标准保护,预防频发极端天气事件的负面影响。KCAP + FELIXX联合体提出“三重海岸防线战略”。这是一个多层次、多功能的海堤防护系统,从全局层面实现应对多变海岸气候的适应性重组。水安全战略与全岛生态保育发展紧密相连,同时为社会和经济增长创造了弹性框架。6个场地覆盖32公里长的海岸区。目前KCAP + FELIXX从竞赛概念进入实施设计阶段,预计建设和实施将于2021年完成。

▼场地位于香港和深圳之间海湾的大鹏半岛,Shenzhen Bay Dapeng peninsula

KCAP + FELIXX have won the international competition for the redevelopment of the 130-kilometer coastline of Dapeng, a green peninsula in the bay between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. In September 2018, the typhoon Mangkhut damaged the infrastructure of the peninsula to various degrees. An international competition was launched to develop a plan to restore the coastline and raise protection standards against the more frequent occurrence of extreme weather events. KCAP+FELIXX developed the ‘Triple dike strategy’, a multifaceted dike system that allows for an integrated approach towards the climate adaptive reorganization of the shore. Water safety strategies are connected to eco-development and nature restoration. This creates a resilient framework for social and economic growth. For 32 kilometers of coastline, KCAP + FELIXX is developing this concept into 6 strategic implementation projects. Realization starts this year, and is expected to be completed in 2021.

▼6个场地覆盖32公里长的海岸区,6 strategic implementation projects


三重海岸防线 | TRIPLE DIKE


▼三重海岸防线设计概念图,Triple Dike Strategy

The triple dike moves away from a generic protection wall along the coast, towards the creation of three development zones, carefully embedded in current conditions and responding to the specific future needs of every single area. The 1st ‘outer’ dike zone increases the resiliency through wave attenuation, erosion reduction and the enhance¬ment of sedimentation. The 2nd ‘middle’ dike is an elevated embankment, to stop the storm surge and the water pushed up by the waves. It’s not a big wall but a multifunctional zone: an exciting hilly park, an elevated waterfront with urban promenades, a tidal park or even a public building. The 3rd ‘inner’ dike is a hybrid structure which man¬ages the rainwater following the principle of a sponge city. All runoff from adjacent villages and mountains is buffered, delayed and temporarily stored in rain-parks, raingardens, wet forests, wetlands and green streets.

东山 | Dongshan

▼东山海岸区改造效果图,Dongshan coastline rendering

▼东山三重海岸防线剖面图1,Dongshan triple dike section1

▼东山三重海岸防线剖面图2,Dongshan triple dike section2

杨梅坑 | Yangmeiken

▼杨梅坑海岸区改造效果图,Yangmeiken coastline rendering

▼杨梅坑三重海岸防线剖面图1,Yangmeiken triple dike section1

▼杨梅坑三重海岸防线剖面图2,Yangmeiken triple dike section2

鹏城 | Pengchen

▼鹏城海岸区改造效果图,Pengchen coastline rendering

▼鹏城三重海岸防线剖面图,Penchen triple dike section



大鹏是一个拥有茂密森林,河床和小溪交错,多山的半岛。它与大海相连,拥有梦幻般的沙滩和令人印象深刻的礁岩海岸。它在香港和深圳接壤的地方,提供了非凡的郁葱绿色环境。起始于海防文化,沿岸的小村庄多数靠渔业为生。大鹏的文化资源和自然环境促进了大都市发展区扩张下的旅游业发展。三重海岸防线的应用为增强现有品质的同时释放增长潜力提供了发展框架。在小尺度上,我们通过在现有土地边界内发展新项目的方式来保护村庄的特质。每个村庄的特质都得到了加强,以扩大娱乐设施的丰富性和多样性。为了最大限度地减少对岛屿自然结构性的影响,我们增强了岛屿与海域的连通性。相互连接的山地和海 洋景观促进了半岛的生态功能。

▼项目概念图,一个拥有茂密森林,河床和小溪交错,多山的半岛,Interconnected eco landscape

Dapeng is a mountainous peninsula with lush forests, intersected by riverbeds and creeks, connected to the sea with fantastic sand beaches and impressive rockeries. It offers an extraordinary lush and green environment in the direct proximity of Hongkong and Shenzhen. Along the shore, several small villages originate from fishing communities. Dapeng’s cultural resources and natural settings have fostered the development of tourism, within a vast expending metropolitan area with about 20 million inhabitants. The application of the triple-dike provides a framework to enhance these existing qualities while unlocking potentials for growth. The small-scale identity of the villages is protected by locating new developments within the existing boundaries. Each village’s specific character is strengthened to amplify the rich variation of recreational facilities. To minimize the infrastructural impact on the island, connectivity from the water is enhanced. An interconnected mountain and marine landscape boosts the ecological functioning of the peninsula.

沙鱼涌 | Shayuchong

▼沙鱼涌海岸区改造效果图,Shayuchong coastline rendering

▼沙鱼涌三重海岸防线剖面图,Shayuchong triple dike section

月亮湾 | Moonbay during storm

▼月亮湾海岸区改造效果图,Moonbay during storm coastline rendering

▼月亮湾三重海岸防线剖面图,Moonbay triple dike section

官湖村 | Guanhu

▼官湖村海岸区改造效果图,Guanhu coastline rendering

▼官湖村海岸区改造夜景效果图,Guanhu coastline night view  rendering

▼官湖村三重海岸防线剖面图,Guanhu triple dike section

客户: 深圳市水务局
承建方: 华润(集团)有限公司
景观配合方: 翰博景观
工程配合方: 中交水运
岸线生态工法顾问: 三角洲实验室
时间:2019 – 持续推进中

Topic: Masterplan for a typhoon resilient landscape
Team: KCAP + Felixx
Location: Shenzhen, China
Client: Water Resources Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality
Contractor: China Resources
Year: 2019 – ongoing
Area: 130 km coastline
Status: tender won, preliminary and detailed design for 6 villages in progress

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