Jiva Spa and Wellness Centre by Emil Eve Architects

The peaceful and relaxing space in the original brick structure

Project Specs


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Jiva水疗和保健中心已于近日完工,该项目位于伦敦的St James’ Court酒店,由建筑事务所Emil Eve Architects设计。该酒店坐落于豪华酒店——Taj酒店的维多利亚式酒窖内,其饰面等装饰结构都已经被剥离,从而展现出历史悠久的丰富的砖石结构纹理,其中部分结构采用黑色黏土灰浆作为抹面。

A new Jiva Spa and Wellness Centre at the St James’ Court Hotel, London, has recently been completed by Emil Eve Architects. Located in the Victorian cellars of the luxury Taj Hotel, the structure has been stripped back to reveal the rich texture of historic brickwork, which has been partially rendered with a black clay plaster.

▼水疗中心的浴池区,the bathing area of the spa

这座新建的水疗和保健中心的室内设计极为独特,旨在呼应Jiva的传统印度疗法和当地的项目合作伙伴Temple Spa的品牌理念。卡拉拉大理石和白色水磨石为地板和过渡区域创造出一系列明亮豪华的表面,与昏暗的香氛放松区和理疗按摩室形成了鲜明的对比。定制的胡桃木细木工与门体设计合二为一,砖墙的结构和纹理直接暴露在人们的视野中,Viabizzunno灯具则提供了环境照明。

▼昏暗的香氛放松区和浴池区,the atmospheric relaxation areas and the bathing areas

▼香氛放松区局部,采用昏暗的空间色调,原有的砖墙结构暴露在外,the dark atmospheric relaxation areas with exposed brickworks

▼香氛放松区细节,采用水磨石地面,details of the atmospheric relaxation areas with white terrazzo floors

The unique interior of the new wellness centre has been designed to complement the philosophy of Jiva’s traditional Indian treatments and their local partner Temple Spa. Carrara marble and white terrazzo create bright and luxurious surfaces to floors and changing areas contrasting with dark atmospheric relaxation areas and treatment rooms. Bespoke walnut joinery and doors have been incorporated throughout, along with exposed brick and ambient lighting by Viabizzunno.

▼理疗按摩室,暴露出原结构的砖墙结构和纹理,the treatment rooms with the exposed original brickwork texture

▼理疗按摩室细节,details of the treatment rooms

▼办公室,采用胡桃木制成的门,the office with the walnut door


▼发光的活力浴池,配有内置的水下长椅和按摩喷头,the glowing bathing areas with built-in underwater benches and massage jets

▼发光的活力浴池,围绕着酒店原有的砖结构支柱,the glowing bathing areas that wrap around the hotel’s original brick piers

▼桑拿房,采用实心木材作为饰面,the sauna room whose surfaces are created from solid wood sections

▼湿蒸房,采用连续的大理石饰面,the steam room that is clad in the continuous marble

The glowing vitality pool wraps around the hotel’s original brick piers, creating two discreet bathing areas with built-in underwater benches and massage jets. The steam room is clad in continuous milled sections of Carrara marble while the sauna surfaces are created from solid sections of thermally treated Alder wood which infuse the air with the smell of timber.

▼淋浴区,the shower area

▼室内空间细节,details of the interior space

Pool contractor: Penguin Pools
Sauna: Milk Leisure
Terrazzo: Quiligotti
Lime plaster: Clayworks
Ceramic tiles: Grestec
Lighting: Viabizunno, Original BTC, Astro Lighting
Seating: Hay + Tacchini, supplied by SCP
Architect: Emil Eve Architects 
Structural Engineer: Peter Laverack
Services Engineer: Paul Mason, BSG Ltd
Project Manager/QS: Box Associates
Client Team: Taj Hotel

Main contractor: County Contractors

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