Jersey City Urby, USA By concrete

Smart apartments at more affordable rates and unique communal facilities and programming in Jersey City.

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Urby大厦推出了价格优惠的高级公寓项目。Concrete与Ironstate Development和Roseland Residential Trust公司共同完成了泽西城Urby的第一阶段工程。泽西城Urby大厦是一栋69层,762个住宅单元的公寓大厦,是Urby品牌为迎合千变万化的当代城市居民生活的第二个开发项目。这个项目旨在以更低的价格和更高质量的设备运营来满足当下的居住人群。Urby项目展现了极高的经济价值,表达了密切相连的居住体验。

Together with Ironstate Development and Roseland Residential Trust, Concrete has completed the first phase of the Jersey City Urby project. A 762-unit residential tower rising 69 storeys tall above New Jersey. Jersey City Urby is the second building developed under the Urby brand that caters to the ever-changing demands of the modern urban citizen. Offering smart apartments at more affordable rates and unique communal facilities and programming, Urby represents unprecedented value for money and a truly connected living experience. Urby offers premium apartments with unique communal facilities at sub-premium rates. 

▼Urby享有曼哈顿壮丽景色,Urby enjoys the stunning views of downtown Manhattan


In 2009, Concrete was approached by Ironstate to develop a better rental-housing product for New York’s densely populated areas. ‘Better’ was defined as a product that more adequately meets the needs of the modern urban resident, offers higher value for the money and facilitates a more positive way of living. The answer Concrete and Ironstate came up with, was Urby. The first Urby location was opened last year in Staten Island and construction is currently underway at two more locations in Harrison and Stamford. Jersey City Urby houses 762 rental apartments in a 69-storey tower, with two more towers planned for a second development stage. Jersey City Urby is located right on the Hudson River next to Exchange Place Path station in the heart of Jersey City. The complex boasts stunning views of downtown Manhattan and is a five-minute Path ride away from New York’s World Trade Centre. The architectural design of the building reflects the organic nature of the Urby brand, focusing on openness, space and connection. The tower is made up out of stacked blocks, creating a vertical neighbourhood and an expressive and playful structure. 

▼大厦为垂直堆叠造型,the building



Ruby buildings have been designed to create natural opportunities for neighbours to meet. Every building is entered through a publicly accessible entrance café instead of a lobby. The communal resident spaces are actively programmed to foster interactions between neighbours and include a kitchen, a gym, gardens and a pool. Jersey City Urby offers its residents an artistic program and it even has an in-house scientist. The available services vary per location based on local needs and resident demographics. 

▼入口,the entrance

▼入口咖啡厅,entrance cafe


▼邮箱,post and package


▼花园观景房,garden room

▼屋顶花园,roof garden

▼天台泳池,rooftop pool

▼工作室,lab unit

Urby公寓单元有大,中,小三种型号,并依据房间大小进行租金调整。所有型号的住宅公寓都给人宽敞的空间感觉,这都归功于可利用空间归纳,落地窗和采光设备的设计。加上精装的厨房和浴室,以及全网络覆盖设施,Urby公寓成为拎包入住的新标准。Urby项目由Concrete和Ironstate共同开发。 Concrete参与了项目的建筑,室内,景观及装饰设计。

Ruby apartments are available in S, M and L. Compact in size to keep monthly rates down, all apartments feel relatively large and spacious thanks to the clever use of the available square footage, big windows and bright lighting plans. With plenty of built-in storage space, fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms, plus pre- installed Wi-Fi, Urby apartments set a new standard in ready-to-move-in rental housing. The Urby concept and brand have been created by Concrete and Ironstate Development. Concrete is responsible for all of Urby’s design – from the architecture of the building to all of its interiors, urban landscape and decoration. 

▼时尚公寓,pop unit

▼东面公寓,oriental unit

▼奢华公寓,wow unit

▼开阔的观景体验,better view experience

▼建筑外形,appearance from outside


▼建筑夜景,night view

project: Jersey City Urby, USA
client: Ironstate Development, Hoboken, USA and Mack-Cali/Roseland Residential Trust USA
concept: Ironstate(David Barry) and concrete
architecture, interior and landscape design: concrete
office address: oudezigds achterburgwal 78a-1012dr
city: amsterdam, the netherlands(NL)
Project location:
address: 200 greene street, jersey city
city: New York-USA
Start design: 2012
Opening: april 2017
project facts: (phase 1 only) april 2017 – 762 apartments divided by S (studio), M (1 bedroom) and L (2 bedroom) apartments – parking garage with 222 spaces – 4.900 Sq Ft retail area – Public spaces: entrance café – Communal spaces: communal kitchen, garden room, gym, URBY lab – Landscaped deck with Pool deck, outdoor kitchen, mini park, different seating facilities incl. fire-pit
design firms:
project team concrete: Erikjam Vermeulen, Rob Wagemans, Cindy Wouters, Matthijs Hombergen, Jolijn Vonk, Sofie Ruytenberg, Ana Bissau Pereira, Jakob Kunst, Wouter Slot, Jesse Nolte, Robert Schellekens, Kayla Lee
cooperating and executive architect: HLW, New York-Edward Shim, Rui Borges
executive landscape architect: MKW, New York, USA
MEP engineer: AMA consulting engineers P.C., New York, USA
Marketing and branding: …Staat, Amsterdam, NL
General Contractor: AJD construction Co, Leonardo, USA
Shopfitter public and communal spaces:Roord Interior works, Amsterdam, NL
delivery loose furniture: BigBrands, Rotterdam, NL
bespoke elements:
Bespoke furniture:design by concrete, execution by Roord, Amsterdam, NL
Lighting apartments:design by concrete,execution by Frandsen Lighting, Denmark
Memoboard apartments: design and execution by Droog, Amsterdam, NL
housenumber lighting & elevator lightbox: design by concrete + photography by Ewout Huibers execution by Frandsen Lighting, Denmark
lightboxes & neon signage:design by concrete execution by Let There Be Neon, New York, USA
Marble filtered water fountain: design by concrete execution by Tomcap Engineering
Bespoke tiled floor: design by concrete execution by Mosa tiles
Bespoke pendant lamps: forest lights by ontwerp duo, Eindhoven, NL via &Tradition
Styling/accessories public spaces: concrete with Ironstate
Loose furniture in public and communal spaces:Sancal, Moooi, Vitra, Fritz Hansen, &Tradition, Normann Copenhagen, Muuto, Pikaplant, De La Espada, Gubi, Treku, Muji, Stellar Works, Magis, Thonet, Hay
Art:selection by Ironstate and concrete, via Public House of Art, Jealous, Miguel Vallinas, Marc Johns, Juniqe, Lumas, Society6, among others
Graffiti wall parking garage: by Steve Locatelli, Antwerp, Belgium, via Street Art Today Amsterdam
Loose and Pendant lighting in public and communal spaces: Apparatus, Foscarini, Zeitraum, Gubi, Moooi, Lampe Gras, Hay, Carpets in public and communal spaces:Carpet Sign, van Besouw, Moooi, Leoxx
Exterior loose furniture en lighting:Streetlife, Fermob, Emu, Vestre, Marset, Serralunga, Bacsac, Skagerak, Kuldesign, Extremis, Droog, Oasiq, Satelliet, Hay

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