Window/Scenery – Jen Ai Dental Clinic by Design Apartment

Shorten the distance between pedestrians, residents and medical space

Project Specs


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尝试藉由窗景串联内外, 重新定义内外空间观与被观之关系。

It attempts to redefine the relationship between the inside and outside space view and the observed by connecting the window view with the inner and outer view.

▼项目外观,exterior view of the project


风景 | Scenery


This design attempts to redefine the main therapeutic space by combining the concept of window. The therapeutic behavior is transformed into unique elements and expressions of space. From the outside, the vision can be extended to the interior to the maximum extent through such intermediary space. Inside, the space is introduced into the room through this concept, and the narrow and independent functional spaces are also liberated and connected in series.

▼引光影入室,introduce light into the space

▼将视觉最大限度的延伸至室内,the vision can be extended to the interior to the maximum extent


窗 | Window


Due to functional and privacy factors, inertially placing the treatment space deep in the space, to separate and isolate it. But at the psychological level, the window is a medium, closes the distance between pedestrians, residents and medical space. Redefining the concept of therapeutic behavior, breaking the medical pattern and closing behavior change the potential rejection psychology by transparent behavior.

▼透明的治疗空间,transparent treatment space


内部 | Inside


Counter is no longer a necessity, break the standard allocation of public areas in medical space, cancel the sofa and put the golden bar into the focus of space. With a natural social waiting space, transform the uneasy psychology of medical diseases.


▼金色吧台细部,details of the golden bar



转化 | Transformation


It gently lifts the golden pages of the book and opens the prologue of the space, with dental service as the theme. The symbol woven by the correction thread is transformed into the space golden axis.
Entering, door handle
Swing, lamp hanger
Flattening, table-board structure
Lifting up, take the cabinet by hand
Back, wall segmentation
Connect, give space unique expression, according to its unique type. An indispensable function in the transformation space, inside presents the details that can be touched easily. Build a crossing bridge between space and medical treatment. The intention of the medical staff and the designer is kept everywhere.

▼金色线条细部,golden element details

▼其它设计细部,design details


外部 | Outside


The combination of white and penetration is the symbol of modernism. Symbolic-structured massing embedded in street corners of old communities catalytic community transformation and regeneration.

▼老旧社区的街角夜景,night views of old communities street corners

▼平面图,floor plan

设 计 师:唐忠汉

Designer: Chung-Han, Tang
Design style: Modern, fashion, art
Housing layout: Studio Space
Address: Taipei city
Area: 165M²
Design unit: Design Apartment
Address: B1, No. 191, Section 2, Anhe Road, Da’an District, TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN(R.O.C)
Tel: +886-2-2377-5101
Fax: +886-2-2377-5102

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