Japanese hand-made glasses exhibition space in SIOF 2019 by Studio G + Muda (office coastline)

Balance between individual exhibition and a cluster of exhibitions.

Project Specs


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Appreciation towards Studio G and  Office Coastline for providing the following description:


▼展示区外观,appearance of the exhibition space

The project is the exhibition of Japanese handmade glasses at Shanghai International Optical Fair. The exhibition area provides space for product exhibiting and business negotiating for 16 exhibitors. It also includes a wide range of areas, such as a comprehensive product display, service point of eyewear accessories, a reception desk and a resting area for staff. We came up with an idea of reusing the structure of this exhibition to cope with the demands of exhibitors. Other ideas related to this exhibition, such as following the prototype of the current exhibition space, balancing the differences between individual exhibition and a cluster of exhibitions, and showing local spatial cognition, were also presented in this project. The entry points of this project are spatial changing elasticity, mixed forms and materials, and the image of gathering. Furthermore, there are also lots of other exhibitions surrounded by advertisements and lights, which offered the open project a brand new sense of commerce and space.

▼开放通透的展示和洽谈空间,transparent exhibition and communication space

▼由柱与分隔元素构成的展示单元,exhibition units defined by pillars and partition elements

▼会场环境为展区带来新的商业体验,surrounding environment offered a new sense of commerce and space

▼单元布局平面图,units’ composition and planning

▼单元空间(柱与分隔元素的构成), pillars and elements for organizing unit spaces

▼结构与围合体系,wood structure and enclosure systems

▼20个变化的单元,20 diverse units

▼整体轴测图,axonometric drawing

▼正立面透视图,perspective drawing

摄影:Alessandro Wang

Project name: Japanese hand-made glasses exhibition space in SIOF 2019
Location: Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center
Gross Built Area: 180 sqm
Architect’ Firm:Studio G + Muda(office coastline)
Project type: exhibition space
Photo credits: Alessandro Wang

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