JACOB’S LADDER by Gerry Judah

A gracefully curving shape.

Project Specs


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Gibbs Farm是一座占地面积近千英亩的开放花园,它坐落于新西兰北岛奥克兰凯帕拉海港。这里矗立着来自全世界最著名的当代艺术家们的杰出创作,Richard Serra,Anish Kapoor 和 Andy Goldsworthy都在这留下了他们的作品。这些艺术作品的创作均来自于当地商人、企业家和艺术品收藏家Alan Gibbs的赞助。近二十六年来,他为Gibbs Farm贡献了众多精美的艺术创作。JACOB’S LADDER雕塑高34米(112英尺),由46吨钢管横切拼接而成。480根钢管相互穿插叠加,上下层钢管长度和尺寸相对增加或减少,并最终形成优美的曲线形态,给人以难以置信的视觉假象。

Gibbs Farm is a thousand-acre open-air sculpture park in Kaipara Harbour, near Auckland on the North Island of New Zealand. It features over thirty monumental sculptures from a roll-call of top international contemporary artists including Richard Serra, Anish Kapoor and Andy Goldsworthy. All works are commissioned by Alan Gibbs, a New Zealand businessman, entrepreneur and art collector who has been assembling the Gibbs Farm collection for twenty-six years. JACOB’S LADDER is 34 meters (112 feet) high and made out of square-sectioned steel tube weighing 46 tonnes. It is made from 480 lengths of steel, stacked one on top of each other. Each layer is slightly different in length and size, shifted and rotated relative to the layer below, ultimately producing the final gracefully curving shape—this despite the components themselves all being straight steel.





Client: Gibbs Farm Sculpture Park
Design: Gerry Judah
Engineering: Diales
Fabrication & Installation: Grayson Engineering
Project & Site Management: Peter Boardman
Photography: David Hartley-Mitchell

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