Ithaca Commons Redesign by HOLT Architects + Sasaki

A vibrant and active pedestrian mall

Project Specs

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▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view  ©Christian Phillips

The Ithaca Commons is a two-block that serves as the social and economic heart of Ithaca. Sasaki worked closely with city leadership and the community in a multi-year process to renovate this iconic space, including extensive utility and surface upgrades. The project’s design draws inspiration from the striking gorges of Ithaca, incorporating them into the urban fabric of the city to establish a vibrant, active center. The distinctive paving pattern blends historic circulation patterns of the area with the linear quality of the geologic features of the gorges. Planted amenity zones seem to grow from the splits in the stone in a controlled, yet natural, succession.

▼项目概览,overview  ©Christian Phillips

▼商业步行街,也是城中的社区和经济中心,a two-block pedestrian mall that serves as the social and economic heart of Ithaca  ©Christian Phillips

改造后的项目是一个融合商业零售与社区休闲的公共空间。主要商业街州街(State Street)的中央走道不仅提供宽敞的步行空间,也能为街道两旁的商店之间开拓清晰的视野,有需要时更能开放予公共服务车辆使用。行人休闲区两侧尽是动感十足的设计元素,有多姿多彩的花草植物、固定座席、可移动桌椅、公用设施以及极具玩味的游戏空间等。

▼总平面图,铺装图案以伊萨卡壮观的峡谷景观为灵感,master plan, the distinctive paving pattern draws inspiration from the striking gorges of Ithaca

The realized project improves the Commons both as a retail environment and community gathering space. The main retail corridor of State Street has a wide central walkway that provides a clear pedestrian promenade, opens up sight lines between storefronts, provides clear occasional service access. Flanking amenity zones are dynamic places replete with horticultural displays, fixed seating, moveable table and chairs, utility infrastructure, and interpretive play spaces.

▼花草植物、固定座席、可移动桌椅、公用设施,horticultural displays, fixed seating, moveable table and chairs, utility infrastructure  ©Christian Phillips

▼街景,streetscape  ©Christian Phillips

▼极具玩味的游戏空间,interpretive play spaces  ©Christian Phillips

与州街垂直的班克巷(Bank Alley)为各种即兴表演和休闲聚会提供场地。新设在其北端的特色亭阁以伯尼·米尔顿命名,以纪念他对社区的贡献。那里不但成为整个公共空间的全新门户,还可以充当独一无二的表演舞台。水景设计以当地起伏跌宕、群山万壑的风景为灵感,带来有趣的视觉和听觉效果的同时,更与四季气氛相互辉映。

Perpendicular to State Street, Bank Alley creates an improvised performance and gathering space. A new pavilion on the north end, dedicated to community member Bernie Milton, is both a gateway to the Commons and an iconic stage. A water feature, inspired by the cracking, splitting characteristics of the stone found in Ithaca’s gorges, provides visual, aural and seasonal interest.

▼为各种即兴表演和休闲聚会提供场地,an improvised performance and gathering space  ©Christian Phillips

▼公共空间,public space  ©Christian Phillips

▼街边固定座席,fixed seating  ©Christian Phillips


Public meetings and feedback were an integral component of the design process as was a deep commitment to sustainability. Trees and native plant beds are sited with ample soil volume, the benefit of the use of structural soil. High-efficiency LED cable-hung lighting creates an elegant and memorable ceiling of light. Drainage and paving systems are designed for long-term success and minimal maintenance.

▼高效能的LED挂灯在整个区域营造出优雅独特的光影效果,high-efficiency LED cable-hung lighting creates an elegant and memorable ceiling of light  ©Christian Phillips

▼给排水系统和铺面的设计则以耐久性,drainage and paving systems are designed for long-term success

▼水景设计概念图,fountain concept

团队: HOLT建筑设计事务所
摄影师: ©Christian Phillips

Project name: Ithaca Commons Redesign
Project location: ITHACA, NY
Client name: City of Ithaca
Completion date: completed Summer 2016
Size: 75,000 SF
Services: Graphic Design, Planning and Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering
Team: HOLT Architects
Photographer: ©Christian Phillips

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