Refurbishment of a flat in Pujades Street by ARQUITECTURA-G

Two parallel environments resulting from a split-level arrangement

Project Specs


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The operation starts with a previous research process addressed to choose the proper location for the house of a trumpeter and a Japanese astrophysical engineer, who are based in the city of Barcelona. Each location that was analyzed gave us the clues of how to respond to their needs that were eventually taken into account for the final proposal.

▼室内概览,interior view


We face, once again, a typical typology of the XIX century urban plan of Barcelona, where the apartment plan is organized by two large spaces at the ends and a central zone of elongated proportions that connects them.Taking advantage of a 2.80m height, we propose to divide the apartment into two levels following the longitudinal direction and emphasizing this way its linear character. This gesture will result in two parallel environments that will generate themselves both spaces and movement.

▼公寓分为两层,形成两个平行的环境,the apartment was divided into two levels which results in two parallel environments

▼错层空间,the split-level area


We distribute the space placing the living-room towards the main façade to the street, and at the opposite end the main bathroom, that being part of the natural circulation of the house, will work as a light filter coming through the back façade. At the second level, a sequence of diverse but connected uses –in order: library, dinning, kitchen, office,  storage  and  bedroom  with  dressing  area-,  and  at  the intersection of the platforms, two-sided furniture pieces will provide the functional requirements of the house.

▼两个层次的过渡区域设有双面的固定家具,at  the intersection of the platforms, two-sided furniture pieces will provide the functional requirements of the house

▼首层空间,the lower level

▼主浴室将光线从后方立面过滤进室内,the main bathroom works as a light filter coming through the back façade

▼从二层望向浴室,view to the bathroom from the upper level

▼二层按序布置着一系列多样且相互联系的空间,at the second level, a sequence of diverse but connected uses in order



Finally, two objects stand out of this “limit”, anchored as ball joints in the midpoints of the main spaces. They consist of big pots that allow us to introduce vegetation inside, but most important, to visually connect both ends through the repetition of a singular element.

▼花池,vegetation pot


The proposal is reinforced by using two materials, one for each level, a pavement of large-format white tiles in the lower area, and wood in the upper part. The vertical elements are covered with stainless steel generating reflections and increasing the presence of natural light inside the house. In addition, the requirement of a soundproof study  is  used  to  introduce  a  softer  and  warmer  character  through  materiality, performing in opposition to steel.

▼不锈钢家具连接了分别以白色瓷砖和木地板铺设的楼层,the vertical elements are covered with stainless steel, connecting two levels in different materials

▼家具细部,detailed view

Title: Refurbishment of a flat in Pujades street, Barcelona
Location: Barcelona, España.
Status: Built. (Refurbished area: 90sqm)
Year of design: 2017
Year of completion: 2018
Building type: Residential. Refurbishment
Photographer: ©José Hevia


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