Isocube Study Room, China by Studio Envision

A venue where people could spare some time with selves

Project Specs


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Isocube in Neighborhood


The project is located in the French Concession in Shanghai, as the latest flag store of Isocube, the space aims to provide a venue for students and white-collar to study or work – a venue that people could spare some time with selves.

▼城市环境,context ©林边


A Balance Between Openness And Privacy


▼轴测图,axon ©启观建筑

The project is an entire overhaul of a previous office floor. The new plan is consisted of three main parts—lobby in the middle, “the hall” on south and “the lab” on north. Pantry, restrooms and storage are located right next to lobby. Pubic functions are consolidated as much as possible to achieve a clear zoning diagram and minimize the mix of circulation of different user groups.

▼门厅,lobby ©林边

▼从门厅走向研习大厅,way to “the hall” from the lobby ©林边


To get the best balance of openness and privacy, “the hall” is designed to be an open space without enclosed rooms. Several pieces of freestanding wood veneer walls and millworks together shape the gesture of entire hall, creating a clam flowing space. Two “wood box” formed by floor to floor wood veneers walls are the most quite area. The booth area on south with lower screen provides enough privacy for guests, and allows sunlight to come in to the desk. The floating long desk along the window offers option for guests who prefer openness.

▼研习大厅,“the hall” ©林边

▼隔断区,the booth area ©林边

▼靠窗的悬浮长桌面,the floating long desk along the window ©林边


Space Layering And The Echo Of Material 


The selection of materials is very important for creating a ceremonial spatial sequence. The rusted iron feature wall and black paint at entry indicate a quite indoor environment. The grey metal panel and neutral wood flooring make a comfortable transition before entering the hall. After stepping the hall, guests would feel relaxed and warm when immersed in wood color. Concrete beams and columns are deliberately exposed to add a fresh touch to the space.

▼入口,entrance ©林边

▼原木色木饰面营造温馨放松的感觉,wood color brings relaxing and warm feeling ©林边

▼裸露的混凝土梁和柱为空间注入了一抹新鲜感,concrete beams and columns are deliberately exposed to add a fresh touch to the space ©林边

▼室内细节,interior details ©林边

▼自习室夜景,study room by night ©林边

▼平面图,plan ©启观建筑

项目设计 & 完成年份:2020-2021年
主创及设计团队:陈启 施益平



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