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Traveling under the rivers

Project Specs


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项目背景 | About the project


The located city Dezhou is the west-north gate of Shandong Province.It has had the fame of”Reaching the Heaven,God-bestowed Entrance”. It was an important transportation point of Eastern and Northern China.The passage of Dezhou occupies 141 km out of the 1500 km of Peking-Hangzhou Canal. Dezhou inherits historical and liberal heritages, a unique geographical advantage,and a landscape of intersecting river and ally webs. The design concept of this project roots in going back to one thousand years ago, reviving the prosperous picture of ancient markets along rivers and allies. The elements of river ally, market and fair, boat and ship are the clues throughout space design, as if traveling under the rivers,with ever-changing landscape of each step, we take a glance from a hidden perspective of this splendor fantasy realm.

▼戏剧化的主题街场景,the dramatic scene of a pedestrian street


特征 | What’s unique


This project is implemented with the historical gene of located area. To dig into the unique cultural advantages belong to this project energize and signifies the spatial design. To extract and merge the elements of river ally. Market and fair, boat and ship and to apply in use of spatial arrangement as clues, creates distinguishing visual impact and memorizable highlights. Take a small walk here”under the rivers”. The startling  moving “boat bottoms” will indulge you in a marvelous dream.

▼抬头仰望,鱼贯而行的“船底”波光粼粼,”boat bottoms” on the ceiling of the atrium

▼天花细部,ceiling detailed view


挑战 | Challenge


The giant atrium adopts natural daylighting for illumination. Greatly raised the demand of environmental protection and energy saving, when daylight comes to interior through the two sides of atrium, sunshine shows enriched and detailed changes through grid-forming lines,which bestows the space a shivering beauty of light and shadows of waves.

▼中庭采用自然光源,the giant atrium is illuminated by natural light


优势 | Advantages


Functionality: According to the fantasy scenarios along the river allies from the design concept, sections are planted in the public spaces of each atrium. The interactive activities between people and space distinguishes the areas.
Innovation: The material of aluminum board will be considerably applied, using the method of composition, various visual effects can be created while saving cost.

▼由河巷贯穿的幻象景致,the fantasy scenarios along the river allies


空间的有机统一 | The integrated spatial system


The concept of Fantasy Realm is to apply the multi-space system into the whole design. The spacial and equipment arrangement is installed according to the moving rhythm of boats in river and functionality. Unify the whole architecture and scenarios design organically in condition of assuring the commercial streamlines. The rooftop, platform and atrium at different spatial latitude is formed into one continuous spacial system, serving as transitional elements between a series of corridors and community blocks as well,which leads to the final organic emergence of the architecture and the scenarios. The recycling and energy-saving factor is always thoroughly considered during the design.

▼屋顶、平台、中庭构成连续的空间体系,the rooftop, platform and atrium together act as a continuous spacial system

▼设计示意图,design concept

▼1层平面图,1F plan

项目名称: Inzone银座
总设计师: SHEN JUNWEI 申 俊伟
完工时间: 2018
项目地址: 中国.德州
项目面积: 100,000㎡
摄影: Dirk weiblen

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