UABB Xichong Sub-Venue: Intangible Sound, China by HAS design and research

A platform for interaction or dialogue with the ocean.

Project Specs


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2019-2020年深港城市建筑双城双年展(Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism╱Architecture, UABB)以城市交互(Urban Interactions)作为展览主题,透过时间与空间试图寻找未来发展的新可能性。深圳也因先天性独特与多样的地理资源,城市居住者可以在一天的时间中体验山丘与海滩,这样包容著两种自然景观的介面城市,让居民得以感受到自由、自在与瞬时等可能性,位于大鹏新区的溪涌度假村正是最好的例子。

▼琴亭,Intangible Sound ©HAS design and research

▼琴亭坐落于深圳溪涌海滩,Intangible Sound at Shenzhen Xichong Resort ©HAS design and research

The 2019 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism╱Architecture (UABB) uses Urban Interactions as the theme of the exhibition, aiming to explore new possibilities for future development through time and space. The city of Shenzhen is also congenital with unique and diverse geographical resources, where urban residents can experience the cliffs and coasts in one day. By containing two natural sceneries in one city, it provides residents an experience of openness and freedom, with the Xichong Resort in Dapeng New District as the best example.

▼地块原况为赏景平台,Existing viewing platform ©HAS design and research

▼改造后的观景平台,After viewing platform ©Bai Yu

▼琴亭替当地居民提供独特的休憩空间,Intangible Sound provides a unique space for local people ©Bai Yu

▼钢板经过阳极氧化处理与地面沙丘景观构成和谐感,Harmony of sand dunes and steel plates (underwent anodic oxidation) ©Bai Yu

▼疏密间距提供更多种观海可能,Uneven spacings provide various viewing opportunities ©Kintoo Photography

▼琴亭细部╱摄影:Bai Yu,Detail of Intangible Sound ©Bai Yu

▼改造后的琴亭取代旧有的扶手栏杆,Intangible Sound replaces the original railings ©Bai Yu


▼场地改造后航拍,Site top-view ©Kintoo Photography

Surrounded by mountains, the visual landscape of Xichong Resort is open to the coastline, thus making this region a vessel for observing natural changes; therefore, the focus of the design is not to build a new structure, but to create a scenery lens to present daily views. The original site of the project is a semi-arc viewing platform, with heavy railings and cold concrete ground, blocking the interaction of people and the sea. The new construction operation emphasizes solidity and concealment with vertical lines, redefining the interface between the railings and the sea; horizontal lines enclose a smooth and clear space, creating a platform for interaction or dialogue with the ocean.

▼外部为锯齿状钢板,内部则为平滑拱顶,Exterior jagged steel plate and interior smooth dome ©HAS design and research

▼绳索不仅控制钢板水平变形外,更取代原栏杆安全防护功能,Strings prevent steel plates from deformation and function as railings ©Bai Yu

▼直径4mm绳索结合场地画出独特半弧形空间,4mm diameter strings connect to the site forming a unique semi-curved space ©Bai Yu

▼绳索细部,Detail of strings ©HAS design and research

▼绳索取代平台栏杆、楼梯栏杆,让整体视觉更通透,Strings generate a more transparent visual experience ©Bai Yu

▼栏杆细部,Detail of new handrails ©Kintoo Photography


▼结构与空间概念图,Structure and concept diagram ©HAS design and research

▼圆弧形平台创造渐变通透的观景效果,Semi-arc platform creates a more transparent visual effect ©HAS design and research

Before entering the pavilion, visitors pass through fences of different heights and spacings, thereby perceiving the distance from the seascape, which cherishes and nurtures for the scenery. As entering the pavilion, the strings form an artistic scene through the curvilinear site, the scattered natural light, shadow, and the sound of wind together present a rhythm, providing an experience of the diversity and richness of the environment. The design employs sturdy steel plates and delicate strings in combination with a special tensile structure. Moreover, the sand dunes and stones are used in creating an interior landscape to present the most significant regional characteristics of the Xichong—vast mountain forests and floating coastlines.

▼钢板隔离外部环境,绳索连结广阔海景,Steel plates isolate cluttered surroundings, strings connect vast seascapes ©Bai Yu

▼小朋友们琴亭发现各种游玩方式,Children exploring ways to entertain in Intangible Sound ©Kintoo Photography

▼被网状绳索包围住的观海平台,Viewing platform surrounded by net-like strings ©Bai Yu

▼当地人探索各种互动方式,Local people exploring ways to entertain in Intangible Sound ©HAS design and research

▼琴亭与溪涌海滩鸟瞰,Intangible Sound bird-view ©Kangshuo Tang

▼琴亭与溪涌海岸、山景构成有趣的画面,Intangible Sound with Xichong seascape and landscape forms an enjoyable scenery ©HAS design and research

▼设计草图,Concept sketch ©HAS design and research

▼节点图,Details ©HAS design and research

设计方:HAS design and research
设计团队:洪人杰、Kulthida Songkittipakdee、韩嘉琦
项目地址: 深圳市大鹏新区溪涌海滩
摄影版权:Bai Yu、Kintoo Photography、HAS design and research

Project name: Intangible Sound
Design: HAS design and research
Team: Jenchieh Hung, Kulthida Songkittipakdee, Jiaqi Han
Contact email:
Construction: Shenzhen Fengzhiyu Public Art Co., Ltd.
Project location: Xichong Beach, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen
Site area: 120 sq.m.
Gross built area: 80 sq.m.
Completion year: 2019
Host: Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism╱Architecture (UABB), Xichong Sub-Venue
Client: Xichong Resort (Shenzhen Workers’ Nursing Home)
Curators: HanJing, Handshake 302
Photo credits: Bai Yu, Kintoo Photography, HAS design and research

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