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The architectural promenade in Casa FIO starts in the garden on the ground floor and develops through a sculptural ramp which arrives at a deck with its colorful armchairs and a ground fireplace. Pitangueiras break up the ground. Continuing along the external living space, next to it you can find the totally glassed-in living room, in a very protected and cozy environment with its ceiling in light wood. The same material builds the materiality of the facade.

▼项目概览,overview © Studio Mk27


▼从花园看向建筑,view of the building from the garden © Studio Mk27

▼不透明基座支撑着轻量玻璃和钢结构,opaque bases support lightweight glass and steel structures © Studio Mk27

▼从住宅看向天然泳池,view from the house to the swimming pool © Studio Mk27

▼建筑立面与室外楼梯,the facede and the outdoor stair © Studio Mk27

The lightness of the glass and the steel structure on the first floor are supported by the opaque foundation of the ground floor. From the living room window one can see, from the top, the garden and the ramp; the architectural promenade. The windows of this room are at the same level as the treetops. The bedrooms are on the ground floor – in direct communication with the garden, with its organically-shaped swimming pool. The ascent ends in a garden at the height of the branches of the trees. This area has the ground fireplace, which is used for any outdoor meetings on colder days and also works as the extension of the living room.

▼客厅与露天阳台,living room and outdoor balcony © Studio Mk27

▼露天阳台区域,open balcony area © Studio Mk27

3.70 x 2.80m的滑动玻璃门将客厅与外部空间从视觉上连通。滑动门可以根据需要打开,玻璃扶手为住户提供了不会在内外部视觉上造成干扰的安全性能。同样位于这一层的还有厨房、盥洗室和垂直旋转楼梯。用木制遮阳板铺就的卧室地板可以过滤外部光线,即使在炎热的天气里也能为住户营造出极度舒适的感觉。

▼宽敞通透的客厅,spacious and transparent living room © Studio Mk27

▼从客厅看向室外花园,view from the living room to the garden © Studio Mk27

▼从餐厅看向露天阳台,view from the restaurant to the terrace © Studio Mk27

The living room has complete visual permeability with the outside through sliding glass doors of 3.70 x 2.80m. The doors can be opened according to the climactic needs and a hand-rail – also in glass – gives security to the residents without creating any obstacle or interference in the internal/external relation. On this floor the kitchen, a wash-room and the vertical circulation complete the program. On the floor of the bedrooms, there are wooden brises-soleil that filter the external light, creating a sensation of climactic comfort even on the hotter days.

▼室内楼梯间,interior stairwell © Studio Mk27

▼儿童房,kids bedroom © Studio Mk27

▼卧室,bedroom © Studio Mk27

▼卧室细部,details in the bedroom © Studio Mk27

▼地下车库,the underground garage © Studio Mk27

▼夕阳下的阳台篝火,a bonfire on the balcony in the sunset © Studio Mk27

▼夜幕下的住宅及环境,the house and environment at night © Studio Mk27

▼夜幕下的花园,the garden at night © Studio Mk27

▼项目平面图,plan © Studio Mk27

▼项目剖面图,sections © Studio Mk27

architecture:studio mk27

architect:marcio kogan

co-architect:lair reis

interior design:diana radomysler

interior design co-author:mariana ruzante

project team:carlos costa . eline ostyn . fernanda neiva . laura guedes . mariana simas . oswaldo pessano
landscape designer:renata tili

structure engineer:leão e associados

construction manager:d cortez engenharia

contractor:fairbanks & pilnik

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