Shanghai “Inside the CLOUD” sales center by TEAM_BLDG

Sales center locate in a quiet and natural environment, architect focus the connection between interior and outdoor spaces. Aluminum grille frame with different height express “cloud” idea.

Project Specs


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This sales center locates near the famous water town Zhujiajiao of Qingpu District in Shanghai, about 50 minutes’s way from the downtown by car. In such a quiet and natural environment with frondent trees around, TEAM_BLDG takes the connection between interior and outdoor spaces as the original intention of design. Due to some restrictions on the time schedule and budget, TEAM_BLDG try to create a new kind relationship among the indoor space, out-door space and landscape in the simplest way. They chose a special kind of aluminum grille frame with different height as the architectural expression of “cloud”, meanwhile this special frame makes a unconventional division on these several layers of space on the facade, which just meets the intention of this project. For example,they expand the use of grille not only on the facade but also the groud part, on the one hand, the ground part surrounded by grille becomes the courtyard; on the other hand, the 1st floor’s vitreous facade become completely transparent, makes indoor and outdoor’s segment more ambiguous.

▼建筑外观,external view

1-Inside the CLOUD by TEAM_BLDG


格栅——云外 SCREEN – Outside the Cloud


Design details:
Since the main entrance of the residential area and the sales center is connected by a circuitous bridge, every visitor has to walk through about 200 meters way to reach the sales center. In order to provide this journey more interesting visual experience, TEAM_BLDG also use parametric software to design the grille. They rotate each aluminum strip with different angles to get the view changed with visual point. In the process of visitors gradually approaching the building, the surface of the building also has a virtual and actual change subtly and interestingly, bring visitors step moving scene with the feeling of veiled in mist.

▼格栅各部分都会有疏密的变化,the surface of the building has a virtual and actual change subtly and interestingly

4-Inside the CLOUD by TEAM_BLDG     3-Inside the CLOUD by TEAM_BLDG


水院——云里 WATER COURTYARD – Inside the Cloud


After entering the courtyard, there is a 5 square meters’ small stage which is inspired by the local traditional custom called ‘village opera on water stage’. Normally this traditional opera stage is surrounded by water, and audience sits in the boat facing the stage. Then in TEAM_BLDG’s design, the stage is surrounded by 2 steps of waterscape and seats inbetween, it aims to bring visitors be personally on the scene of enjoying the performance on water.

▼(左) 别墅区主入口与居住艺术馆由一座颇为曲折的桥进行连接,(右)院子中央一个5平米的超小舞台(left)the main entrance of the residential area and the sales center is connected by a circuitous bridge, (right) a 5 square meters’ small stage

7-Inside the CLOUD by TEAM_BLDG     9-Inside the CLOUD by TEAM_BLDG




As a sales center, client hopes to arrange more rest and communicating space except the basic commercial use space. In order to meet this demand, TEAM_BLDG put a super giant bookshelf as a layer connects partial space between 1st and 2nd floor. This multi-functional bookshelf plays an quite important role in the whole interior space that it is not only as a wall to separate business and leisure area, but also the staircases from 1st to 2nd floor as well as 2nd to 3rd floor together with the bar part are both part of this bookshelf, moreover, the connecting part between bookshelf and floor ‘grows’ out many seats for visitors to take a rest.

▼ 1、2层局部打通,放置了一个巨型书架,a super giant bookshelf as a layer connects partial space between 1st and 2nd floor

10-Inside the CLOUD by TEAM_BLDG

▼ 书架与地板相连的地方“生长”出了多个座位,the connecting part between bookshelf and floor ‘grows’ out many seats

12-Inside the CLOUD by TEAM_BLDG

▼ 1楼至2楼的楼梯,Staircase from 1st floor to 2nd floor

14-Inside the CLOUD by TEAM_BLDG      15-Inside the CLOUD by TEAM_BLDG

▼ 1楼至2楼的楼梯,Staircase from 1st floor to 2nd floor

16-Inside the CLOUD by TEAM_BLDG     17-Inside the CLOUD by TEAM_BLDG

▼ 二层从书架中“分解”出来的吧台,bar part are part of this bookshelf on 2nd floor

18-Inside the CLOUD by TEAM_BLDG


During the way from 2nd floor 3rd floor, visitors will go through a narrow and isolated space then suddenly entering a open bright gallery. In addition, the continued use of wood and cement starting from the 1st floor separate this gallery space into two parts, which also makes a rather clear division for the function use.

▼ 通往画廊楼梯间,staircase to gallery

20-Inside the CLOUD by TEAM_BLDG

19-Inside the CLOUD by TEAM_BLDG

▼建筑模型,Physical Model

23-Inside the CLOUD by TEAM_BLDG      24-Inside the CLOUD by TEAM_BLDG

▼形体分析图,Form Analysis

21-Inside the CLOUD by TEAM_BLDG

22-Inside the CLOUD by TEAM_BLDG


▼平面图,Floor Plans


位置: 中国上海朱家角
名称: 青云里居住艺术馆
用途: 别墅销售中心
面积: 649 m2
设计类型: 建筑、室内及景观设计

Project: Qing Yun Li Sales Center
Architects: TEAM_BLDG
Architect In Charge: Xiao Lei, Wang Jin
Collaborators: Yang Yuqiong, Pedro Manzarno Ruiz, Giacomo Volpe, Bai Lu, Jin Xin, Zhang Tao (MOG Design), Jin Kuramoto & Ishibashi Tadahito (Balance Design)
Project Year: 2015
Photographs: Eiichi Kano

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