In – Between by J.R Architects

Challenging the traditional notion of interior and exterior

Project Specs


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▼项目外观远景,位于台湾南方的缓坡林地上,distant exterior view of the project that is located on a gentle slope in Southern Taiwan ©赵宇晨 

“Green-house” is a home for plants that provides a luminous environment. The challenge of this project is to house both plants and humans under the same roof in a subtropical climate with suitable materials and design. The project is being located on a gentle slope in Southern Taiwan. We use light weight steel frames that are commonly used in agricultural infrastructures to accommodate programs such as café and restaurant. The layout of the space attempts to challenge the traditional notion of interior and exterior by creating a sense of enclosure where the nature and the mankind are coexisting.

▼项目外观,设定以当地农村常见之温室轻钢构系统构筑,exterior view of the project, using light weight steel frames that are commonly used in agricultural infrastructures ©赵宇晨


▼外层墙以PC扩散板重新界定建筑与自然的皮层与接口,内层墙则使用透明小角浪板,the exterior façade uses polycarbonate panels to redefine the interaction between nature and architecture, while the interior walls use translucent corrugated panels ©赵宇晨

We use double-skin technique for both roof and façade to control the thermal issue. The use of polycarbonate panels on the exterior façade redefines the interaction between nature and architecture. The PMMA material can filter most of the UV rays and direct sunlight, it then diffuses them into gentle ambient lighting which will create a sense of purity and weightlessness. As for the interior walls, we have used translucent corrugated panels to keep the room well lit and to blur the boundary between man-made features and nature by enclosing the indoor activities within natural environment. The lightings and the materiality allows the interactions within and out of the building become more lively and interesting.  The exterior façade is scattered with rectangular openings that overlay with the white translucent panels and greeneries to create a picturesque forest scenery. As the sunlight strikes onto the openings, a dynamic geometric shadow pattern formed by the position of the sun will be dancing within the space throughout the day.

▼项目外立面远景,facade distant view ©赵宇晨

▼外立面上则以错落分布的矩形大开口,the exterior façade is scattered with rectangular openings ©赵宇晨

▼外立面局部,矩形大开口使白色半透明的光墙上框迭出外界自然的绿意,partial view of the facade, rectangular openings overlay with the white translucent panels and greeneries ©赵宇晨

▼立面的光影效果,the light and shadow effect on the facade ©赵宇晨


Within the double-skin façade system, there is a 1.5-meter wide corridor that surrounds around the interior spaces and connects to all programs. The corridor is paved with pebbles and plants to serve as an outdoor dining area as well as an air gap for natural ventilation in order to maintain internal thermal comfort.

▼双层墙体创造出约1.5米的廊道空间,the double-skin façade system creates a 1.5-meter wide corridor ©赵宇晨

▼庭院空间,the courtyard space ©赵宇晨

▼围绕庭院空间布置的室内空间,the interior space around the courtyard ©赵宇晨

▼室内空间概览,overview of the interior space ©赵宇晨

▼室内空间局部,partial interior view of the project ©赵宇晨

▼项目夜景,night view of the project ©赵宇晨

▼总平面图,site plan ©J.R Architects

▼屋顶平面图,roof plan ©J.R Architects

▼东立面图,east elevation ©J.R Architects

▼南立面图,south elevation ©J.R Architects

▼剖面图A,section A ©J.R Architects

▼剖面图B,section B ©J.R Architects

设计公司:丁尺建筑师事务所 /J.R Architects
设计团队:杨皓钧 ; 陈怡君
建筑面积:400 m²

Project name: In – Between
Architect’ Firm: J.R Architects
Lead Architects: Cho-Jen, Huang
Design Team: Haw-Jiun, Yang; I-Chun, Chen
Project location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Completion Year: 2019
Area: 400 m²
Photographs: Yu-Chen, Tsao
Client: The-tale-of-butterfly Farm
Brands / Products:
1. LYON / polycarbonate board
2. Rainbow /water-based paint
3. Kun Yu GreenHouse / steel structure
4. Nan Ya / calcium silicate Board
5. Projeto / pendant lamp

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