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The urban crystal

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The building is designed by the famous Japanese design institute sako which is located on the main road of Jinan—Jingshi Road. Its big body is orderly for the functional positioning of the office building. The greatest attraction of the building is that it has some irregular geometric holes on the crystal-like rectangular body. It could achieve the purpose of introducing lights and ventilation. It creates a sparkling, crystal-like, new urban architecture of the twilight goddess rather than leave a traditional image to people. The lighting design follows this concept, the transformation of cool light is applied then light was combined with glass to create a crystal clear look.

▼办公楼夜间的灯光效果,the light effect of the office building at night


▼腔体灯具布置(左),腔体小投光灯节点图(右),chamber lighting design (left), small-sized spotlight design (right)

In this project, the reflective rate of glass is the toughest challenge we have to face. The problem lies in how to make the light fall on the glass in a right way. At the same time, the glass that can reflect the light can satisfy a certain light transmittance without affecting the indoor daytime lighting in the building. After discussing the specific parameters of the glass with the architects and the curtain wall engineers, we chose three combinations of light for the illumination of the building-chamber. The first type is high-power up light. Sufficient light was cast into the chamber to give the interior space a ground color. Since the interior space is a human-accessible platform, we chose to hide the high-powered floodlights to avoid interfering the vision of people. The second type is indoor linear wall washer. Since the glass is semi-transparent, it has an important influence on the light environment of the chamber. We have also focused on highlighting the internal elevation of the chamber. The third type is small-sized spotlight which plays the role of accent lighting. Their role is to focus on the details of the chamber for a third time. The lighting system inside the wall can be summarized as the above three. For we all deeply know that excellent lighting design is connotative and it has a sense of space. It is a combination of diversities rather than a single one.

▼办公楼的腔体照明,将足够的光线洒入腔体中,给腔体内部打上一层底色,the chamber lighting of the office building, casting sufficient light into the chamber to give the interior space a ground color

▼办公楼的腔体照明,局部采用线性洗墙灯和小型投光灯来重点刻画细节,the chamber lighting of the office building, using the indoor linear wall washer and small-sized spotlight to focus on the details of the chamber


▼层间板阴影盒节点图,the linear light source hidden inside the shadow box

In terms of form, in addition to the illumination inside the chamber, we used the horizontal lines between the interlayer boards to add horizontal light to the building, so a partition with rhythms was delivered visually. Apart from the light of the chamber, another visual beauty was created and a new image was born. The linear light source was hidden inside the shadow box of the interlayer boards. For the convenience of maintenance, we made the curtain-wall glass at this position openable to ensure that the lamps can be taken out and replaced. The change of the cool light of the linear light source complements the illumination system inside the chamber.

▼办公楼夜间的灯光效果,利用建筑层间板的横向线条,为其增添了水平方向的光,the light effect of the office building at night, using the horizontal lines between the interlayer boards to add horizontal light to the building

▼办公楼夜间的灯光效果,水平方向上的光将建筑在视觉上进行了有节奏和韵律感的光的划分,the light effect of the office building at night, the horizontal light delivers a partition with rhythms visually

▼办公楼夜间的灯光效果,水平方向上的光营造了除腔体光以外的另一种视觉美感,the light effect of the office building at night, the horizontal light creates another visual beauty and a new image


As a city, architecture exists in society, it carries people’s lives and activities, and countless human events are related to architecture. If the occurrence of architectural events can promote the changes of human society, then the correct and appropriate light of architecture is the accelerator of architectural events. As a professional lighting consultant, we hope to work with architects to create more architectural events that contribute to human happiness.

▼办公楼夜间的灯光效果,partial view of the office building at night


Finally, this essay ends with the words written by Le Corbusier. “Our eyes are born to see shapes in the light, and light as well as shadow show these shapes. It is the light shows the basic shapes of cubes, cones, spheres, cylinders, or pyramids. They look unique and tangible. It is the light that enables to display the beauty of them.”

▼紫色灯光下的办公楼夜景,night view of the office building in the purple light environment

▼蓝色灯光下的办公楼夜景,night view of the office building in the blue light environment

项目名称: 济南汇金国际金融中心
主创照明设计师: 胡芳

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