Ikehan by koyori + Atelier Salt

Traditional Japanese teahouse by the side of Kamo River

Project Specs


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项目坐落于京都鸭川河畔,毗邻五条大桥,由koyori事务所与atelier Salt合作设计。这栋拥有25年历史的房屋,如今,被改造成极具日本传统风格的茶室。

This project involved the conversion of an approximately 25-year-old house facing the Kamo River near the Gojoo Bridge in Kyoto into a teahouse.

▼项目概览,overall of the project © Junichi Usui


In order to bring the client’s ideas to life, we minimized the intake of natural light by adjusting the opening to create an introverted space on the first floor to absorb oneself in the world of tea. For the second floor, we employed a completely opposite spatial use and opened up the space to the Kamo River flowing to the east and the Higashiyama area to make an attractive contrast by using the compactness of the building to its advantage.

introverted space on the first floor to absorb oneself in the world of tea © Junichi Usui

The upper floor is light and open with great views © Junichi Usui


All rooms share Japanese paper and plastering finish based on simple natural materials in com- mon to prevent disruption of the consistent ambience while maintaining the independence of each room. We achieved a uniform look by gently connecting the details of the spatial design and the air, light and touch transmitted vertically by the stairs.

All rooms share Japanese paper and plastering finish © Junichi Usui

detail of the staircase © Junichi Usui


We are delighted if the experience of people visiting this place becomes something enduringly memorable as one and only “tea time”.

▼精致的茶具,Exquisite tea set © Junichi Usui

▼铁艺茶具,Wrought iron tea tools © Junichi Usui

Type: Renovation
Use: Tea room
Location: Kyoto City
Completion: May 2020
Cooperation: Atelier Salt (Yoji Fujiwara)
Photo: Junichi Usui

More: koyori , 更多关于他们:koyori on gooood


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