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居住在印度德里的Tara Pillai和Sreekumar夫妇希望在特里凡得琅这座繁忙的城市中打造一座生态友好型的宁静住宅。温暖而寂静的自然氛围、简约的装饰和狂放的设计,共同烘托出住宅的矛盾之美。

The Client Mrs. Tara Pillai and Mr. Sreekumar, based in Delhi wanted an eco-friendly abode that also retains the peace and quiet in the busy city of Trivandrum. The residence depicts an atmosphere that is an oxymoron in nature – Serene and warm, with minimalistic decors, at the same time adventurous and wild in design.

▼建筑主立面,Front view of the building © Anand Jaju


The site was on a low-lying terrain with issues of water-logging, which was the primary obstacle we had to tackle.The primary idea was to ensure that the building wasn’t creating a hindrance in the flow of water. Being in a state like Kerala, where rains are frequent, we had to ensure that the water percolates into the ground and that it could be harvested. We had to come up with an alternative and sustainable solution which could also enhance the spatial quality- a pond in the lowest point of the site so that water is retained in the site as well as, adding to the veristic vibe of the residence.

▼建筑地处低洼地带,积水问题是团队需解决的首要障碍,the building is located in a low-lying area, and the water problem is the primary obstacle for the team to solve © Anand Jaju

▼位于建筑底部的池塘可将水保留在场地内,同时也增强住宅的自然氛围,a pond at the bottom of the building keeps the water on the site while also enhancing the natural atmosphere of the house © Anand Jaju


▼造型独特的竹制立面,unique bamboo facade © Anand Jaju

▼适合放松休闲的半开放空间,semi-open space suitable for relaxation and relaxation © Anand Jaju

Using bamboo for the façade had a downside to it – which is that it is precarious and cannot support an entire edifice of an enormous size. This is the barrier that was demolished and proved wrong by dint of this project. The bamboo façade is created and conserved in a stable position by reinforcing the bamboo with steel rods. The continuous string of bamboos hand you the front elevation to the residence supporting the staircase that hangs from it, also creating a semi-open place for your quit thoughts.

▼竹立面建造过程,the bamboo facade construction process © Anand Jaju

压缩稳定的土块砖因其独特的形式被用来创建印度传统的石砌哥哩墙( Jali),从而赋予卧室更多的隐秘空间。除了造型的美观和光的照射外,这种独特的排列方式还允许不间断的空气流动,营造良好的室内通风环境。用洗衣机的底板取代工厂制造的铁板作为装饰格栅,是该住宅的特色之一。这种旧物改造的模式弘扬了循环利用的理念,也为手工艺术品制造者提供了一种新的收入媒介。

▼起居空间概览,overview of the living area © Anand Jaju

▼内部装饰清爽简洁,the interior is clean and simple © Anand Jaju

▼许多家具都是由木头制作,a lot of furniture is made of wood © Anand Jaju

▼废物利用的艺术墙面,recycled art walls © Anand Jaju

▼隔断空间,the partition space © Anand Jaju

▼厨房,the kitchen © Anand Jaju

The distinctive form of CSEB bricks (Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks) has been used to create a rotating Jali work to impart privacy to the bedrooms. Apart from the marvel,the light creates; the consecutive polar arrangement allows uninterrupted flow of air allowing ample ventilation. The use of the Base plate of Washing Machines as scrap grills instead of fresh factory made ones is an imperative part of the residence. Use of such grills instead of fresh ones propagates the idea of up-cycling as well as serves as a medium of income for labourers who part their sweat to create exquisite pieces of art.

▼卧室,the bedroom © Anand Jaju

▼浴室,the bathroom © Anand Jaju


What set the home apart from usual residences is the simplistic and minimalist interiors of the residence. The architects make use of uprooted trees and waste wood from saw mills as the furniture for the residence.The structure connects closely to nature in terms of terrain, design and materials alike. The residence hugs and stays close to the environment of peace around it and the outgoing and cordial vibe within the four walls of the residence.

▼砖墙细部,details © Anand Jaju

▼施工过程,the construction process © Anand Jaju

▼底层平面,ground floor plan © Wallmakers

▼一层平面,first floor plan © Wallmakers

▼立面&剖面,elevations and sections © Wallmakers


Project name: IHA RESIDENCE
Architect’s Firm: Wallmakers
Website:  www.wallmakers.org
Contact e-mail: vinudaniel@gmail.com
Project location:Trivandrum, Kerala
Completion Year: 2018
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 3100  sqft
Lead Architect:  Ar. Vinu Daniel
Team Members: Srivarshini J.M. ,Oshin Varughese, Shreyas Unni, Pushkar Sharma,
Udit Mittal, Gayathri Maithani, Saatvika Pancholi, Shekizzar, Shyamala Baskaran,
U.S. Ananditha, Tushar Sharma, Vineeth A.C. , Aparna Renu, Dhawal Dasari,
Jemy  Joy, SankarNath, Apoorva Goutham, Sagar Kudtarkar

Other participants
Oxide team
Antony T.A. and team
Fabrication team:
Kunjumon James -J.K steels
Carpenters-Sarath Prasad and team
 Photo credits: Anand Jaju

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