Ice Rink by the Sea by AB CHVOYA

Ice rink tightly fit between the sea and the industrial building

Project Specs


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▼溜冰场外观,aerial of the ice rink ©grisoko

The skating rink by the sea in the Sevkabel space PORT is a small temporary seasonal project within the large-scale transformation of the territory of the historic Sevkabel manufactory (Siemens & Halske), located on Vasilyevsky Island. The structure of the rink derives from seaside location as well as from the industrial context. Almost rectangular ice field is tightly fit between the fence and the existing industrial building. In the center of the rink, preserved trees form a small round island, that naturally divides ice into several zones. At ground level, the ice field is connected with the existing building, where rental and locker rooms are located.

▼溜冰场顶视图,中部保留树木形成一个小岛,top view of the ice rink, preserved trees forming a small island in the center of the rink ©grisoko

▼溜冰场一侧连接原有工业建筑,the ice rink connecting the existing industrial building on one side ©grisoko

▼从溜冰场看向工业建筑,view to the industrial building from the ice rink ©grisoko

▼溜冰场另一侧为开阔的大海,open sea view on the opposite side of the ice rink ©grisoko


In order to preserve the access to the embankment from the inside of the complex, a bridge was mounted over the ice exit, which not only connects different areas of Sevkabel PORT, but also serves as a viewing platform for observing skating rink and a picturesque sea panorama. Materials and constructions are simple yet effective – wooden pine planks are used for cladding the external structures, while the interior of the rental pavilion (a part of the former factory hall) is mostly arranged by corrugated galvanised iron and preserved original texture of the workshop. Bright neon infographics contrast the restrained nature of the rink’s architecture.

▼溜冰场出口处设置小桥,连接不同区域,bridge on the exit of the ice rink connecting the different areas ©grisoko

▼鸟瞰连桥与溜冰场,aerial view of the ice rink and the bridge ©grisoko

▼连桥还可以作为冰场的看台,the bridge also became a view platform of the ice rink ©grisoko

▼主要结构由松木板包裹,the outside structure cladded with wooden pine planks ©grisoko

▼租借用房,由原本工厂的大厅改造而成,rental room reconstructed from the original factory hall ©grisoko

▼波纹铁板与霓虹灯标识,corrugated iron and neon icons ©grisoko

▼夜景,night view ©grisoko

▼平面图,plan ©AB CHVOYA

Project name: Ice Rink by the Sea
Architecture Firm: AB CHVOYA
Contact e-mail:

Architecture Firm Instagram: chvoya

Completion Year: early winter period
Gross Built Area: 2000 sq.m.
Project location: Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Kozhevennaya liniya 40

Photo credits: Grigoriy Sokolinsky
Photographer’s website:
Photographer’s Instagram:grisoko

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