Cuartel del Mar restaurant by more-co

A public restaurant and exhibition space on the Chiclana de la Frontera coast

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该项目由西班牙Chiclana de la Frontera海岸的一座旧军营建筑改造而来,同时容纳了餐厅和展览空间的功能。

The rehabilitation of the old military barracks of the Loma del Puerco on the Chiclana de la Frontera coast to a public restaurant and exhibition space.

▼餐厅外观,restaurant exterior view ©Antonio Andrade


The Cdm is made up of two long pavilions parallel to the beach.  To the west is located the restaurant and kitchen. The east integrates the exhibition space and services for the entire complex.  The two pavilions are accessed by the main entrance in the northern facade through a shared outdoor multifunctional patio, the backbone of the complex which provides the circulation/movement as well creating an indoor/outdoor relationship.

▼餐厅屋顶鸟瞰,restaurant rooftop view ©Antonio Andrade


The exhibition zone is enlarged and left open, flexible to adapt to leisure and cultural activities.  It is located in direct relation to the patio which can be used as an expansion of the exhibition space.  The patio is protected from the sometimes windy condition of the coast, and can be used for a variety of functions (e.g. musical performances) or simply used as a rest area for visitors at the center.

▼入口立面,entrance facade ©Antonio Andrade

▼入口,entrance ©Antonio Andrade

▼共享的庭院,the shared patio ©Antonio Andrade

新修建的螺旋楼梯可直接通往屋顶的观鸟站和瞭望点(在天气晴朗时可以望见约10公里以外的Sancti Petri城堡)。

The new spiral stair provides access to the roof for bird watching, look out point (which on clear days permit views to Castle Sancti Petri about 10km away).

▼旋转楼梯,the spiral staircase ©Antonio Andrade


New pergolas are introduced in strategic points, orienting the visitor towards the main areas, the bird watching station on the roof or the southeast terrace (one of the spaces with the best views).

▼屋顶凉亭, the pavilion on the roof ©Antonio Andrade


Polished concrete floors in the interior lend a natural appearance and provide spacial continuity with the distribution of spaces, while never competing with the protagonism of the exterior views framed by the windows. The false ceiling made of wood and braided weaved cane replicate the exterior pergolas in a continuous interior-exterior-space game.

▼餐厅内部空间,restaurant interior view ©Antonio Andrade

▼用餐区,dining area ©Antonio Andrade

▼户外用餐区,outdoor dining area ©Antonio Andrade


All the facades and interior walls are of lime mortar in a light tone. The roof is insulated and covered with gravel or continuous concrete pavers, again in light tones to protect from the sun and also to integrate with the landscape from above.

▼屋顶铺设以碎石和连续的混凝土表面,the roof is covered with gravel or continuous concrete pavers ©Antonio Andrade

colaboradores: Artemisa Espinosa y Carolina Lozano (arquitectas, desarrollo de proyecto)
Paula Moya (interiorista, desarrollo de proyecto)
Manuel Moreno (arquitecto técnico)
Pablo Villarejo (estudio energético)
Diego San Isidro (cálculo de estructuras)
Orvi Sotolor, S.L. (cálculo de instalaciones),
Antonio Andrade (fotógrafo)
Diego de la Nuez (rendering y 3D)
Alejandra Pombo (decoración)
Rent a Garden (paisajismo)


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