ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2016-17 By University of Stuttgart

Bring possibilities for future architectural construction in fabric materials by its unique characteristics.

Project Specs


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斯图加特大学宣布ICD/ITKE 2016-17 科研展馆落成。ICD/ITKE科研展馆展示了利用纤维材质独有的特性为未来的建造方式和大跨度纤维的扩展提供了可能性。此次研究成果基于综合计算,设计和建造。全部项目研究来自于建筑,工程和生物领域,跨学科的学生和研究人员。


▼装置全貌,full view

▼适用于建筑应用的无人操控制造设备,fabrication setup of fiber winding robotic arms and autonomous drone carrying a fiber

▼多机网络物理制造系统,multi-machine cyber-physical fabrication system

▼运输长跨度纤维复合结构到现场,transport of long-span fiber composite structure to site

▼综合设计空间图,diagram of integrated design space

▼长跨度纤维复合材料施工的可扩展制造工艺概念,scalable fabrication process concept for long-span fiber composite construction

▼用于大跨度纤维缠绕工艺的多机通信图,diagram of multi-machine communication for long-span fiber winding process

▼定制自动无人机拆解图,exploded diagram of custom autonomous drone

▼张力控制机构图,diagram of tension control mechanism

▼结构发展过程图,Diagram of structural development process

▼显示内部应力轨迹的结构模拟图,diagram of structural simulation showing internal stress trajectories

▼纤维材料,fabric materials



The ICD/ITKE Research Pavillon 2016-17 demonstrates the architectural and structural potential of glass and carbon fibre-reinforced composites. Based on the unique affordances and characteristics of fiber construction, a radically different approach to fabrication becomes possible. By combining long-range machines with limited payloads, a scalable fabrication setup for long-span fibre composite construction becomes possible.The research builds on a series of successful pavilions, which investigate integrative computational design, engineering and fabrication, and explores their spatial ramifications and construction possibilities. The project was designed and fabricated by students and researchers within an interdisciplinary team of architects, engineers and biologists. 

The ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2016-17 was created by laying a combined total of 184 km of resin- impregnated glass and carbon fibre. The lightweight material system was employed to create and test a single long spanning cantilever with an overall length of 12 m as an extreme structural scenario. The surface covers an area of about 40 m2 and weighs roughly 1000 Kg. The realized structure was manufactured offsite and thus the size was constrained to fit within an allowable transport volume. However, variations of the setup were found suitable for on-site or in situ fabrication, which could be utilized for much longer span and larger fibre composite structures. The prototypical pavilion is a proof-of-concept for a scalable fabrication processes of long-span, fibre composite structural elements, suitable for architectural applications. 

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