A giant airship is rising over Prague’s DOX centre / Hut Architektury Martin Rajnis

The architectural installation represented an eternal utopian ideal of flying.

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建筑师受到 20 世纪初飞艇外形的启发,在欧洲最大的 DOX 当代艺术中心的屋顶,用 42 米长的钢木混合结构为布拉格的这个机构创造了纪念性的建筑空间。

A unique monumental architectural intervention, inspired by the elegant shapes of early 20th century airships, is growing on the rooftop of one of the largest contemporary art spaces in the heart of Europe. The 42 meter-long steel and wood structure will become a new permanent space for literature at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague, Czech Republic.

▼ 艺术中心屋顶上的飞艇,the airship is growing on the rooftop of the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art

艺术中心现任的理事 Leoš Válka 及其合作伙伴提议为布拉格建立一个向公众开放的现代艺术中心。2008 年,由工厂空间改造而成的艺术中心首次对外开放,很快项目被提名密斯凡德罗奖。在过去八年中,该机构一直履行着它的使命:为研究、演讲、辩论创造空间,鼓励艺术与其他学科之间的交流,保证不同看法的群体的发言权。

In 2008 the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague first opened its doors to the public as the result of a private initiative by its current director, Leoš Válka, and his partners. The reconstruction of a former factory into a multifunctional space was soon nominated for the prestigious Mies van der Rohe Award, and for the past eight years the institution has continued to fulfil its mission: to create a space for research, presentation, and debate on important social issues, where arts in dialogue with other disciplines encourage a critical view of the so-called reality of today’s world.

▼ 飞艇的钢木混合结构,the 42 meter-long steel and wood structure

在 DOX 艺术中心上空“漂浮”的巨型木制飞艇再次证明了 Leoš Válka 的信念:即使在当今快节奏的全球化进城的中,即使所有的一切都无法被计算、被评估或被预测,但它们同样值得冒险去尝试,“可以用出乎意料的方式去做事”。

The construction of a giant wooden airship “suspended” above the DOX Centre is yet another testament to Leoš Válka’s personal conviction that is reflected in the DOX Centre’s overall philosophy: that even in today’s fast-paced, globalized world where nothing that cannot be calculated, evaluated, or predicted is worth risking for, “things can be done differently.”

▼ 通向“飞艇”的入口,entrance to the airship

▼ 内部阶梯形的空间结构,the interior cascading structure

▼ 结构的细部,detail of the structure


“用大胆而严谨的现代主义手法在 DOX 中心创造出‘寄生性’的混凝土玻璃结构已经在我脑海里构想很多年了。我一开始试图使用一个荒谬的有机形状,与 DOX 中心的现有架构形成鲜明对比。”  —Leoš Válka

“The idea to invade the DOX Centre’s starkly modern austere concrete-and-glass architecture with a ‘parasitic’ structure has been on my mind for several years. I first dreamed of an absurdly fascinating organic shape that would contrast with the DOX Centre’s existing architecture,” says Leoš Válka.

▼ 通向瞭望台的梯子,the ladder leading to the deck

▼ 瞭望台,the deck


2013年,Leoš Válka 邀请知名建筑师 Martin Rajniš 与他一起实现所谓的“12岁男孩的梦想”。两年多以来,他们与钢结构和木结构的专家一起打造了一个 42 米长,10 米宽的结构。这个空间造型的灵感来自于 20 世纪初时巨型飞艇的形状。

In 2013 he invited internationally acclaimed architect Martin Rajniš, the 2014 winner of the Global Prize for Sustainable Architecture, to join him in realizing what he calls “a dream of 12-year-old boys.” For more than two years together with wood and steel specialists they have been working on the design of what finally turned out to be a 42 meter-long and 10 meter-wide structure inspired by the shapes of the giant airships that began to cruise the skies at the dawn of the 20th century.

▼ 具有表现力的装置,the architectural with strong expressive force


The shape of the zeppelin is symbolic. The early zeppelins represented the optimistic ideals of a new era of unprecedented technological advancements. With their remarkable monumentality and hypnotic dignity that would continue to fascinate generations to come long after they had vanished from the skies, they have always embodied the eternal human desire to fly, and have represented a certain utopian ideal.

▼ 平面,Plan

▼ 立面,Elevation

▼ 剖面,Section

▼ 图纸,Drawing

Idea & Concept: Leoš Válka
Architects: Martin Rajniš, Leoš Válka, David Kubík
Project Designers / Planners: Dvořák & Partners
Construction Design: Zbyněk Šrůtek – TIMBERDESIGN
General Contractor: STYLBAU

More: Hut Architektury Martin Rajnis,更多关于他们: Hut Architektury Martin Rajnis on gooood.

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