Hunter Gatherer Restaurant and Bar, Shanghai by TRIAD

light and transparent, farm-like store at Shanghai

Project Specs


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由德立创意策划(上海)有限公司为悦衡食集(Hunter Gatherer)设计的第二家也是最新一家店铺位于上海市中心靠近静安寺的人气旺地。受该客户委托,德立创意策划(上海)有限公司匠心独运,设计出充满未来质感的店铺,重塑品牌价值和核心设计特点。熔岩石墙、天然木质表面和整体干净、明亮的设计风格反映了悦衡食集清新健康的品牌形象和“真实好食”的经营理念。彩绘木箱具有照明作用和品牌识别功能,洁白砖墙搭配粗糙木质表面给人农场般的感觉,吸引食客前来赏心悦目的环境中享受健康安全美食。

012-Hunter Gatherer by TRIAD

011-Hunter Gatherer by TRIAD

The second and latest addition of the Hunter Gatherer stores designed by TRIAD China is located in the heart of Shanghai, in close distance to Jing’an Temple. Commissioned by the client to design future stores, TRIAD China redefined brand values and core design features for this first roll out opportunity. Lava stone walls, natural wooden surfaces and an overall clean, bright design style reflect the fresh and healthy image and the REAL FOOD approach of the brand. Painted wooden crates serve as lighting features and brand recognition factor and white brick walls featuring rough wooden surfaces deliver a farm-like feel that invites customers to enjoy healthy and safe food in a welcoming environment.

001-Hunter Gatherer by TRIAD


The space is light and transparent, opens up towards the outside with its façade, a full height glass front. Grouped seated and communal tables underneath the suspended atmospheric crate lighting encourage social interaction and manifest the CELEBRATION OF REAL FOOD.

▽透过全层高落地玻璃外立面可欣赏街外流动的风景, opens up towards the outside with its façade, a full height glass front.

013-Hunter Gatherer by TRIAD

▽上方悬挂创意照明灯箱, suspended atmospheric crate lighting

007-Hunter Gatherer by TRIAD

▽独立座位和食堂式拼桌巧妙结合,Grouped seated and communal tables

010-Hunter Gatherer by TRIAD

009-Hunter Gatherer by TRIAD

008-Hunter Gatherer by TRIAD


A farm window frame by the entrance features a live stream video to one of the Hunter Gatherer farms in Yantai, Shandong, authentic and honest. Customers can witness what is going on at any moment at the farm: vegetables being picked, plants being watered, trucks loaded. Weather information and other interesting data feeds provide a genuine update on the current situation on location. Not only does the restaurant feel safe and healthy but also certainly TRIAD and Hunter Gatherer back up this image with hard facts and genuine impressions of what is actually on each guests plate – more than a reason to celebrate real food!

004-Hunter Gatherer by TRIAD

▽平面图,Floor Plan




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