Huangshan Mountain Village by MAD

What a “Mountain” could be like?!

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我对黄山太平湖的印象一直就是模糊的,每次去她都呈现出不同的景色,因此她对我来说有几分神秘。像极了古代的山水画,从来不写实和临摹,一切都是随心和想象。模糊的感觉是充满诗意的,看不清,看不懂,所以经常会有人对着层层叠叠的山和水发呆。他们不仅仅是在看景,他们也看到了自己,和生活在大城市中的自己不一样。” —— 马岩松

The impression we have of Taiping Lake in Huangshan is vague: each visit to this place yields different views, different impressions. It is a bit mysterious, like ancient Shanshui landscape paintings that are never based on realism, but rather, the imagination. This inexplicable feeling is always poetic; it is obscure and indistinct.  This is the basic idea: we hope that residents will not just look at the scenery, but see themselves in relation to this environment, attention that is brought inward. In observing oneself, one perhaps begins to notice a different self than the one present in the city.” – Ma Yansong

▼亦真亦幻亦山水,the residential itself as a landscape


Huangshan, located near the ancient villages of Hongcun and Xidi in China’s Anhui province, is home to one of the country’s most beautiful mountains. Known for its rich verdant scenery and distinct granite peaks, the beloved landscape has long inspired artists, offering them sheltered spaces for contemplation and reflection. As a UNESCO Heritage Site, the humanistic atmosphere and beautiful, tranquil environment has become an increasingly popular tourist destination. It is here that MAD Architects, led by Ma Yansong, has realized “Huangshan Mountain Village”.

▼鸟瞰图,aerial view

▼建筑远眺,view from distance


MAD’s scheme is part of a larger tourism masterplan for Huangshan Taiping Lake. While providing the conveniences of modern living, the design affirms the significance of this culturally important mountain range. Composed in deference to the local topography, each of the buildings are diverse in height and appearance, and have been conceived to ensure that the original mountain levels are maintained. Organized in a linked configuration across the southern slope of Taiping Lake, the dynamic relationship that is created among the ten buildings establishes a new type of village landscape: one where architecture becomes nature, and nature dissolves into architecture.

▼10栋高矮不一的建筑沿着湖边错落有致地散落在山脊上, each of the buildings are diverse in height and appearance and organized in a linked configuration across the southern slope of Taiping Lake


Instinctively growing out of the mountainous landscape, the serene design sensibility of the village is reflected in its natural setting. It offers a new type of vertical living that while architecturally complimenting the surrounding forest, also enhances the levels of comfort and well-being of its inhabitants, establishing a synergy between humans, nature, and the local culture.

▼建筑房间均面向湖光美景,all the rooms are facing to the landscape

▼建筑每层阳台有机流动的线条,the waving balconies

▼宽阔的阳台将公寓内部空间延伸到室外,leading the living life from inside to the open space


In its completion, “Huangshan Mountain Village” is a true expression of Ma Yansong’s “Shanshui City” philosophy. The intention has not been to create architecture that references forms of nature, such as mountains and water, but instead to establish a space where people can reconnect with nature on a spiritual level ─ to create architecture that evokes emotion and that embodies humanity’s pursuit for inner fulfillment.

▼太平湖总平面图,Taiping Lake master plan

▼黄山公寓总平面图,Mountain Village master plan



设计团队:Philippe Brysse, Tiffany Dahlen, 卢岳南, 王德元, Jakob Beer, 赵伟, 李广崇, Kayla Lee, 卢家颖, Alejandra Obregon, 曾令东, Achille Tortini, Matthew Rosen, Gustavo Maya, 郑芳, Sarita Tejasmit, Augustus Chan, Jeong-Eun Lee


Location : Huangshan, China
Type : Residential Apartment
Time : 2009-2015
Directors : Ma Yansong, Dang Qun, Yosuke Hayano
Advisor : Bao Pao
Design Team : Zhao Wei, Andrea D’Antrassi, Liu Huiying, Philippe Brysse, Achille Tortini, Jakob Beer, Luke Lu, Geraldine Lo, Tiffany Masako Dahlen, Augustus Chan, Jeong-Eun Lee

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