Huangpu East Bank Open Space Master Plan / HASSELL

To create an urban forest along the river.

Project Specs


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黄浦江东岸的这项贯通计划带来的转型,将进一步释放这座城市的潜能,创造出世界级的公共空间,改善亲水渠道,增强河畔的娱乐性。 HASSELL为东岸项目带来的规划概念方案旨在创造一片倚河畔而建的城市森林,这一方案也最终进入了最终入围名单。东岸城市森林是一座由200万棵树组成,延绵不断的森林地,每棵树都代表着一个孩子的成长,200万棵树与上海的200万个孩子一同成长。

森林将带给这座城市深远的影响:提高25%的绿地覆盖率,改善空气质量并节能,打造供市民聚会或共庆佳节的新地标 – 从而使上海成为一个更具有可持续发展性的、更富魅力的、繁荣发展的国际都市。


Shanghai is a leader in innovation, creativity and experimentation, and its skyline symbolises the creation of a contemporary world city in a period of just 20 years.

A proposed major transformation of the east bank of the Huangpu River aims to further unlock the city’s potential, creating world-class public places and improving access to and enjoyment of the river’s edge.

A HASSELL concept to create an urban forest along the river was shortlisted for an international design competition for the waterfront. The East Bank Urban Forest would see a continuous woodland of two million trees planted – one tree for each of Shanghai’s two million children.



This forest would have a significant impact on the city. It would expand green space in the city centre by 25%, improve air quality and energy efficiency, create new places to gather and celebrate, and actively support Shanghai’s aspiration to become a more sustainable, attractive and prosperous world city.




A forest on the east bank of the Huangpu River would create a stunning natural setting for a spectacular city skyline. It would become the new city identity, featured in metro stations and at bus stops, on television screens and t-shirts … and in the hearts and minds of its people. This visibility could expand the presence of the forest across the entire city.

The beguiling forest would contain a multitude of different places, different activities, and different characters. Endless delights and discoveries would change from day to day, season to season, year to year.

The forest would also be full of new destinations, both large and small. Dramatic event spaces on an international scale could be tucked in alongside sporting facilities for locals, outdoor classrooms for the next generation, and spaces to relax with friends and family.


超过50所学校受邀参与到森林的栽种及维护中来,使用户外课堂,并且进行植树的活动。 人行步道及自行车道将贯穿整个21公里,靠着河岸,蜿蜒着穿过森林。步行系统加强了人们散步的体验,时而走上跃河而建的桥梁,越过现有的水道、船舶码头、工业旧址等障碍,体验从不同的角度观赏这座城市。


More than 50 local schools could be invited to participate in the creation and custodianship of the forest, within new outdoor classrooms and through tree-planting events.

Pathways for walking and cycling would run the full 21 kilometres of the site, winding along the river’s edge and meandering through the forest. A system of walking loops would lengthen and heighten the promenade experience, stretching out over the river, allowing people a different perspective on the river and the city, and overcoming existing barriers such as waterways, ferry terminals and industrial sites.

A sequence of playful markers was recommended to guide people through the landscape, enlivening the waterfront with a range of community and commercial offerings, including an educational program, libraries, a cafe and sporting hubs.








Project Huangpu East Bank Urban Forest
Location Shanghai, China
Client East Bank Group
Designer HASSELL
Collaborators TTT Architects
Scale 21 km
Year 2016
Status Invited competition – unrealised

Imagery HASSELL, MIR, TTT Architects

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