Huaku Sky Garden by WOHA

High-rise residential tower with views of both the city and the mountains

Project Specs


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Huaku Sky Garden is located at the base of the foothills of the Yang Ming mountain range, in the Tianmu district of northern Taipei. Taiwan’s apartment architecture has been heavily influenced by Japanese colonial and 1980s post-modernism, resulting in heavy, solid blocks. This project breaks away from that influence and is the only high-rise residential tower in its neighbourhood.

▼鸟瞰图,aerial view


The architecture addresses a very scenic view with rolling mountains as the backdrop and vibrant cities in the foreground. The building is expressed as twin towers in a symmetrical, interlinked form with thick columns. Earthquake and typhoon-proof requirements demanded a strong and symmetrical structural frame, which led to the architectural solution of a Chinese-inspired screen in multiple scales, from the oversized structural frame to the delicate metal filigree. 

▼大楼呈现出对称且相互联结的双子塔形式,由厚重的立柱作为支撑,the building is expressed as twin towers in a symmetrical, interlinked form with thick columns

▼建筑立面参照了传统中式细木工和屏风设计的不对称方形图案,形成赏心悦目的抽象外观,the façade possesses a delightful abstraction, inspired by the rectangular asymmetry of traditional Chinese lattice joinery

▼每间公寓的双层高露台都包含一个嵌入式的花园,the façade design enhanced by the 3D depth of the recessed garden on the balconies of each apartment

▼建筑立面以12种模块精心排列组合而成,12 modules of patterns are carefully designed to envelop the façade


The façade adapts the rectangular asymmetry of traditional Chinese joinery and screen designs and possesses a delightful abstraction. It is enhanced by the depth of the recessed gardens on the double-volume terraces of each apartment. To ensure privacy between the apartments and to embellish the Yang Ming panorama, the slender east and west elevations are veiled with ornamental screens. The permutation and repetition of simple modules in the ornamental screens of this 38-storey tower not only express the beauty of the building, providing a landmark for the area, but also acts as a sun shade in the hot summer months. As the load is borne by the external walls, the interiors are column-free, spacious and uncluttered – a release from the congested city below.

▼建筑东向和西向的细长立面被掩盖在装饰性的屏面之下,the slender east and west elevations are veiled with ornamental screens


▼南立面,south facade

▼入口区域,种满树木的人行道、背景处的绿墙和装饰性的建筑立面共同在街道层呈现出城市的尺度,entrance, trees line pedestrian walkways, green walls as the background curtain and ornamented screen design provide a sense of urban scale at the street level


The interlocking section is designed with three objectives in mind: The first is dual frontage apartments with views of the city and the mountains. The second is natural cross-ventilation, and the third is spatial excitement. The interlocking allows a double-height terrace and entryway despite being a single-level apartment. The double-volume terraces create an outdoor garden quality, underlining the ‘villa on the mountain’ concept and giving the apartments a grand view of the mountains.

▼中式屏面装饰着12米高的大堂,12m height lobby shaded with the ornamented screen

▼窗景,framing the view

▼室内天窗起到了通风和采光的作用,skylight is introduced at the ceiling for ventilation stack effect and bring in daylight


In keeping with WOHA’s interest in sociable architecture, the ground level design provides continuity of the street blocks and an appropriate scale in view of the adjacent buildings and surrounding neighbourhood, with gardens, green walls and retail shops that interact with the streetscape. 

▼停车场入口,car-park entry

▼水池和花园带来平静的氛围,reflection Pool with forest theme garden create a tranquil ambience

▼绿墙,green wall

▼首层平面图,plan level 1

▼二层平面图,plan level 2

▼三层平面图,plan level 3

▼标准层平面图A,typical unit A

▼标准层平面图B,typical unit B

▼屋顶平面图,roof plan

▼南立面图,south elevation

▼北立面图,north elevation

▼东立面图,east elevation

▼西立面图,west elevation


Project Title
華固天鑄Huaku Sky Garden, Taiwan
Project Location
No. 8, Tianmu East Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111 ‎
Project Dates
Design Inception: September 2010
Start of Construction: 14 August 2013
Target Completion: April 2017
Project Cost
80 million USD
Project Size
Gross Floor Area: 47132.7 sqm
Plot Area: 5717.48 sqm
Project Team:
Wong Mun Summ
Richard Hassell
Chee Siew Choo, Pearl
See Jian Fa
Goh Muk Hsiung, Francis
Wu Kansheng
Lin Liping
Shaad Hassan Zaidi
Yang Han
Lau Wan Nie
華固建設股份有限公司Huaku Development Co., Ltd
Mechanical & Electrical Engr
Civil & Structural Engr
Quantity Surveyors
Landscape Consultant
恆開工程顧問有限公司Heng Kai Engineering Consultants Inc.
新構造工程顧問股份有限公司New Structure Group
華固建設股份有限公司Huaku Development Co., Ltd
頤和設計有限公司S&G Design Landscape Architecture
Lighting Consultant
Main Contractor
大公照明設計Chroma33 Architectural Lighting Design Inc.
品興營造股份有限公司Pin Shing Construction Co., Ltd.
Photographer: Patrick Bingham-Hall

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