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It is a housing plan in a rural area of ​​Japan. The site is located next to an old shrine and is surrounded by people, big trees and narrow streets that have lived there for a long time. The client liked this rich environment and bought this land. Therefore, we designed a house that directly feels the surrounding environment of this site.

▼建筑外观,external view of the house ©1-1 Architects

▼建筑周边的小路,narrow street around the house ©1-1 Architects


First, a narrow road in the northern part of the site was planned to pass through the inside of the house as if it continued to the site. This street, which occupies most of the width of the building, was planned to penetrate a large opening in the north and south. As a result, the boundary with the town is blurred, and the image is like living with furniture lined up in a part of the town. In the bedroom, the floorboards and inner walls are made temporary to eliminate the closed private room space. This gives the client the feeling of living in the city wherever they are.

▼穿过建筑的道路,street through the house ©1-1 Architects

▼两侧通透的生活空间,transparent living space with large openings on the north and south sides ©1-1 Architects

▼与道路相连的住宅入口,entrance of the house connected with the street ©1-1 Architects

▼开放的厨房和起居空间,living space with open kitchen ©1-1 Architects

▼庭院,与室内空间无缝衔接,courtyard connected with the interior space seamlessly ©1-1 Architects

▼卧室采用临时围护材料,bedroom enclosed by temporary materials ©1-1 Architects

▼从卧室看向起居空间,view to the living space from the bedroom ©1-1 Architects

▼细部,details ©1-1 Architects


We think that blurring the boundaries with the city also blurs the boundaries of ownership. During the construction, the client actively and happily engaged with the local residents. We believe that housing that induces involvement with the local community is suitable for this town and its residents.

▼夜景,night view ©1-1 Architects

▼平面图,plan ©1-1 Architects

▼剖面图,section ©1-1 Architects

Title: House HM
Location: Nishio Aichi, Japan
Main use: House
Structure: Wooden
Site area: 215.80m2
Building area: 89.44m2
Total floor area: 89.44m2
Design period: June 2019 – January 2020
Construction period: February 2020 – September 2020
Design: 1-1 Architects(Yuki Kamiya + Shoichi Ishikawa + Yui Goto)
Construction: Toyonaka Construction Co., Ltd.
Photo : 1-1 Architects

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