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The old buildings are welcoming new life.

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这栋位于葡萄牙阿尔加维大区旅游城市Quarteira市中心的青年旅馆建于1896年,是当年辉煌一时,迅速扩张至此区域的鱼罐头工厂下属的一栋宿舍楼。在经过了Estudio ODS的改造和扩建之后,古老的建筑迎来了新生。

Building refurbishment and adaptation to Hostel in Quarteira, Portugal. The intervention consists on the rehabilitation and extension of an old building dated from 1896. The building is inserted in the centre of the touristic city of Quarteira in Algarve. Originally the building was erected to dwell the workers from the fish canning industry that was expanding in the region in the last quarter of the XIX century.

004-Hostel CONII by Estudio ODS


Since that the building was kept in the same family and has survived to the touristic boom since the 1970’s. The fast growth of the city has transformed the cityscape from an average of two floors to more than six floors in the last forty years. The building has a squared footprint and all facades free; two for the street and other two for a courtyard.

▼ 建筑已被附近更高的建筑所包围, the hostel is surrounded by the taller building around it

002-Hostel CONII by Estudio ODS

▼ 建筑沿街立面,street facade

005-Hostel CONII by Estudio ODS     006-Hostel CONII by Estudio ODS

▼ 建筑内院立面,courtyard facade

008-Hostel CONII by Estudio ODS     009-Hostel CONII by Estudio ODS


The strategy for the intervention was to keep the original support walls much as possible, and extend one extra floor in the roof. To archive this, was used a structural light steel framework system for part of the first floor and for new second floor.

▼ 轻质钢结构三层空间,extra floor built with light steel framework system

010-Hostel CONII by Estudio ODS


The original space distribution revealed a simple frame organization along a corridor that crossed the building in half. This organization grid was kept in both original floors. The new floor turns the corridor perpendicular to its original position allowing the roof to lift and bring indirect light throughout two clerestory windows.

▼ 二层、三层走廊空间,the corridor at the first floor and the second floor

017-Hostel CONII by Estudio ODS     018-Hostel CONII by Estudio ODS


The new floor assumes a different finishing material which takes advantage of the structural framework with thinner elements to enhance the expression of the new windows.

▼ 夜景,极富表现力的窗口,the expressive new windows

007-Hostel CONII by Estudio ODS


The materials chosen reflect cost-efficient strategy where only three materials cover all finishing surfaces: The hydraulic floor tiles based on local colors (blues and yellows) and geometric patterns which covers all public areas and corridors; The wet areas finished with small tiles 10x10cm and an industrial wood panel OSB that is present in every space of the hostel, in furniture, flooring in bedrooms, the bunk beds, the kitchen and the wainscoting.

▼ 接待区,reception

011-Hostel CONII by Estudio ODS

▼ 公共厨房,common kitchen

012-Hostel CONII by Estudio ODS

▼ 休息厅, lounge

014-Hostel CONII by Estudio ODS

▼ 酒吧,bar

016-Hostel CONII by Estudio ODS


The program is separated by floors: In the ground floor the common areas,the blue exterior shutters announces the reception and the bar entry from the street; reception, common kitchen; lounge area and a bar. The first floor holds the mixed dorms with shared bathrooms; and in the second floor holds the double rooms with private bathrooms.

▼ 混合住宿空间, mixed dorms

024-Hostel CONII by Estudio ODS

025-Hostel CONII by Estudio ODS     028-Hostel CONII by Estudio ODS

▼ 公共卫生间和浴室, shared bathroom

029-Hostel CONII by Estudio ODS

▼ 双人间和浴室, double bedroom and bathroom

021-Hostel CONII by Estudio ODS

019-Hostel CONII by Estudio ODS     023-Hostel CONII by Estudio ODS

▼ 总平面图,site plan


▼ 空间结构,spatial structure


▼ 一层,ground floor


▼ 二层, first floor/三层, second floor


▼ 剖面, section


Project name: Hostel CONII
Designer: Estudio ODS
Architects in charge: Bruno Oliveira; Marlene dos Santos
Collaborators: Luis Ferro; Edite Borges
Location: Quarteira, Portugal
Year: Project 2014 ; Conclusion 2016
Gross area: 700,00 sqm
Materials: Light Steel Framing; Zinc; Stone; Hidraulic foor tiles; OSB wood panel.
Photographer: © João Morgado
Plans and drawings: © Estudio ODS

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