‘Host’2019 by Vasilis Avramidis

Creating impossible environments, which can only exist in the surreal world of painting

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油画家Vasilis Avramidis将于2019年6月在Hiro gallery举办东京个人作品首展“Host”。

Vasilis Avramidis会从艺术史中截取片段,作为自己画作的图像素材,再结合自己的生活经历,描绘出他想表达的画面。Avramidis经常参观博物馆重温那些历史画作,并从中汲取能量,他对凝视所触发的感受很感兴趣。他的作品都从研究视觉机制开始。Avramidis不断观赏着博物馆里的画作,不以大众的审美作为标准,而是以异端的方式来欣赏艺术。

Hiro gallery presents ‘Host’, Vasilis Avramidis first exhibition in Tokyo.

Taking fragments from the history of art as a pictorial model for his work, Vasilis Avramidis paints images of his own immediate life experience. Drawing energy from visiting museums and going back to certain diachronic paintings, Avramidis is interested in what is happening with the gaze. These works begin by studying the mechanics of looking. Acting as a viewer, Avramidis repeats his viewings of selected museum paintings, challenging the usual criteria each time and digesting artworks in heretical ways.

▼展览作品《Surveyor》,Painting ‘Surveyor’


The group of oil paintings titled “Host” moves into a mode of landscape painting that creates a place for the suggestion of the uncanny. Banal and ordinary places become meaningful through the very act of painting, which does not merely capture existing images, but what it does is reshape and act as a formative medium with a language of its own. Filtered by the artist’s psyche, what these works try to do is let the medium of paint bring the initial pictorial ideas and the artist’s visual experiences into this formative terrain.

▼展览作品《Tour guide》,Painting ‘Tour guide’

▼展览作品《Speaker》,Painting ‘Speaker’


The fundamental modes of painting support and undermine each other on the surface. Portrait, still life, architecture and landscape become host for personal narratives, challenging the overall scale and atmosphere of each idea, and creating impossible environments, which can only exist in the surreal world of painting.

▼展览作品《The ground》,Painting ‘The ground’

▼展览作品《Down to zero》,Painting ‘Down to zero’

展览信息,Exhibition Information

HIRO gallery, Ginza Tokyo
3F, 1st Iwatsuki bldg, Namiki Street
6-7-16 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
T: +81-3-3574-0545

10 – 29 June 2019
Mon – Sat : 10:00 – 19:00
Opening: Monday June 10th, 17:00

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