Hinterhouse by Ménard Dworkind Architecture & Design

Connect people with nature through flexible sliding shutters

Project Specs


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Hinterhouse is nestled into a densely forested hillside with sweeping views of the Mont-Tremblant valley. The 16-foot wide house, designed to be prefabricated, can be driven on local roads and delivered to site. The hintercompany hotel concept aims to provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, providing its guests with an opportunity to strengthen their connection with nature. Striving to give back, the hintercompany plants 10 trees for every booking.

▼项目外观,隐于森林中,external view of the project hidden in the forest

▼从房屋可以欣赏森林美景,people could enjoy the view of the forest from the house


The skin and bones of the house were built almost entirely out of sustainably-forested native wood. The house’s exterior is wrapped in 2-1/2” custom-milled white cedar boards, a low-maintenance choice that will ensure hinterhouse ages graciously while blending with the surrounding forest. The interior is clad with red pine planks oiled white. The central service block is covered with ebony-stained Douglas fir plywood.  Sliding shutters help control the light and privacy at hinterhouse. The shutters were designed to mimic the siding; the gaps in the shutters align with the channels in the cedar cladding. The house can transform and close up completely for protection from the elements, or slide open to allow the light and views in. 

▼百叶滑门,sliding shutter

▼滑门的叶片间距与杉木板一致,形成统一的效果,the gaps in the shutters align with the channels in the cedar cladding

▼百叶滑门关闭形成隐私空间,close the shutters to create private space


This compact house fits two bedrooms, one bathroom and an open-plan living space into 930 square feet. The living space, flanked by floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides, is organized around a central wood stove that rotates 360°, providing relaxing views of the fire from every angle. A maple farmhouse table, crafted with bridle joints, doubles as a kitchen island ­– one of the space-saving techniques in the house. A custom vessel-sink raises a cutting board to a comfortable height and is compartmentalized to include a herb garden full of basil, mint, and sage.

▼通透的起居室,中部设置火炉,transparent living space with a stove in the center

▼厨房到与餐桌整合在一起的木桌,节省空间,table integrating kitchen island, saving the space

▼水槽边设置香草池,herb garden beside the sink

▼走廊尽头也由玻璃围合,引入自然景观,glass window at the end of the corridor introducing natural scenery into the house

▼百叶滑门关闭后可以控制室内光照,control the light in the interior by closing the shutters


The bedrooms fit queen beds snuggly wall-to-wall. Sliding panels hide a TV at the end of each bed letting you cuddle up to a movie or focus on the expansive views out the window. A ceiling cove wraps around the house to provide space for recessed blinds and indirect lighting.


▼巨大的玻璃窗提供森林景色,forest view provided by large glass window

▼天花与墙面的凹槽中设置间接照明,ceiling cove providing space for indirect lighting


In the bathroom, the concrete slab stretches into the curbless shower and a large window provides views of the forest while showering. A focus on transparency in every room pulls the distant landscape into the house. 

▼浴室,同样可以欣赏森林景色,bathroom also with view to the forest


A winding staircase carved out of the hillside leads down to a sauna designed as a replica of the main house. To complete the full cycle of hot, cold, relax in the Scandinavian spa experience, the sauna is equipped with an outdoor cold shower and hanging hammocks.

▼主屋与桑拿房通过蜿蜒的楼梯相连,the main house was connected with the sauna by winding stairs

▼桑拿房外观,external view of the sauna

▼桑拿房采用与主屋相同的材料和百叶滑门,the sauna use the same material and sliding shutters as the main house

▼露天淋浴间,outdoor shower

▼从桑拿房中欣赏自然景色,enjoy natural view from the sauna house

▼夜景,night view

▼总平面图,site plan



ARCHITECT: Ménard Dworkind Architecture & Design – www.menarddworkind.com
TEAM: David Dworkind, Nicolas Chaudier.
LOCATION: La Conception, Quebec, Canada
AREA: 1000 square feet
DATE: July 2020
PHOTOGRAPHER: David Dworkind
MATERIALS:  Exterior cedar siding (custom channel profile), Oiled red pine interior siding by Unik Parquet, Rotary cut fir plywood with Varathane ebony wood stain, Daltile 1×1 keystone white mosaic tile, Reynaers windows, Pella entry door with August smart lock, Durvait toilet.

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