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Hengyang Stadium is located at Hengyang city, Hunan province. It started construction in Dec2013 and was put into use in Sep2015. It, with a total investment of RMB160,000,000, occupies approx. 8,000 square meters and has a floor area of 12,000square meters. It can accommodate 6,000 spectators.

005-Hengyang Stadium


The stadium stands in oval shape, facing south. Curve lines are highlighted on the building to increase dynamic and echo the current Hengyang Sports Center. The inner structure is in rectangle shape.


003-Hengyang Stadium


The stadium strives to comply with applicable national energy saving rules and regulations. Recyclable and energy efficient concept is always observed during construction in terms of its building materials, internal illumination and design concept. The building material adopts sustainable steel structure, which features fast construction, light weight, recyclable, etc.

006-Hengyang Stadium

009-Hengyang Stadium     008-Hengyang Stadium

011-Hengyang Stadium


In terms of daylighting, 54 VELUX Sun Tunnels were installed on the large roof to introduce natural light into the stadium. It drastically improves the quality of indoor lighting, and reduces electricity bill during daytime.

▽ 镶嵌在屋顶的54根威卢克斯导光管,54 VELUX Sun Tunnels were installed on the large roof


▽ 点状的威卢克斯导光管,VELUX Sun Tunnels



▽ 导光管将室外的自然光聚集,折射入室内,如同灯光般明亮, Sun Tunnels reflect the natural light into the interior space

018-Hengyang Stadium

020-Hengyang Stadium


The new stadium as a landmark building will play an important role in Hengyang’s further opening-up and promotion of the local economy and culture and the urban image. Hengyang city didn’t have such a big sports facility before. With the new stadium, it can host large national individual competitions, i.e. basketball, volley ball, table tennis… In addition, it can serve ordinary people for various local sports exercise, teaching programs and matches.

▽ 夜晚,室内体育场则由灯光照亮,stadium at night

021-Hengyang Stadium

▽ 导光管借用室内灯光,散发出温暖的黄光,Sun Tunnels reflect the artificial lights at night



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