Hello First Grade by Sarit Shani Hay

The design concept of the entrance hall is closely related to the personality of the school.

Project Specs


设计师 Sarit Shani Hay 给gooood分享了她的新作–以色列拉马特甘艺术与科学小学学校入口大厅。在曾经,这位设计师还给gooood分享了 拉马特沙龙幼儿园ramat hasharon kindergarten 拉马特甘幼儿园ramat gan kindergarten 。更多请至:Sarit Shani Hay on gooood


“Hello First Grade” Arts & Science Elementary School- Ramat Gan, Israel. Changes In Perception Of The Learning Environment- A New Project By Sarit Shani Hay

A new first grade entry hall in An Arts and Sciences Elementary School was recently launched by the designer Sarit Shani Hay. The design concept of the space is inspired by the school’s unique character: An Arts & Science School with various areas of focus: visual arts, theatre, music, dance and sciences. The 120 sq. m space is a public domain which encompasses four first grade classes including areas for play activities through different stations.



The central wall is a large magnetic board designed as a notebook page connecting rows of wooden pencils in a range of colours intended for the children to arrange letter, number and geometrical shape magnets on the board. The environment encourages spatial awareness and improves physical abilities through play on a black & white checkered floor surface which inspires physical movement. In another corner there is an Audio games corner – a big screen embedded in a robot head, enables interactive play and characterizes the tech era we live in. Children can choose audio games and films.





The music corner is located within a large wooden drum. Children can listen to music they choose individually with earphones. A dance corner is located in the background of the drum, hosts a stage and dance bar and serves as a rehearsal and performance space.




The Reading and Friendship corner situated in wooden blocks has cushioned seats for comfort. Some have activity tables, others resting spots and library niches. This area combines natural wood accented with the colour green for a relaxing effect. The furniture is ergonomically fitted for children and the space creates intimacy while encouraging social interaction.





The design of the educational area promotes experiences that soften the transition from pre-school to first grade by creating a sense of belonging and stimulation of the senses. Credits: Interior and Furniture design: Sarit Shani Hay Area: 120 sq. m Commissioned by: Ramat Gan Elementary School Date: September 2014 Photography: Shiran Carmel


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