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Harvest bag的设计巧妙的利用编织袋的坚韧特性,将其再拆开食用后变成了可循环利用的时尚挎包,配合现代时尚的视觉,用设计强化了材质的特性,让废物再生,让被人摈弃的材料发挥了不一样的光彩。

Harvest一词有丰收富足的意思,象征了产品农品食物的特质。而Harvest bag则寓意满载而归,呼应了未来产品可变成出行购物包的特质。


1 Harvest bag by rong

Woven bag is the most traditional packaging used for cereals in China due to its low price, easy production and so on. There are, however, many drawbacks to woven bags. On the one hand, the market is glutted with woven bags of all different colors, greatly hindering brand recognition. Due to the pressures of costs, many brand products are drowned by countless other similar products. More importantly, used woven bags produce a huge amount of non-recyclable garbage, posing a severe burden on the environment.

The ingenious Harvest bag can be recycled into fashion bag due to the woven bag’s feature of tenacity after unpacked for eating. Combined with fashionable visual effect and reinforced material properties, the waste is given a new life in a new form.

Harvest, literally meaning abundance, symbolizes the qualities of agricultural food products. While harvest bag is a symbol of fruitful results, echoing that the future product can serve as shopping bag.

The overall simple and pure bag, without excessive patterns and colors, is in keeping with the core design, indicating the concepts of environmental protection and healthy living as advocated by the brand.

2 Harvest bag by rong

3 Harvest bag by rong

4 Harvest bag by rong

5 Harvest bag by rong

6 Harvest bag by rong

7 Harvest bag by rong

8 Harvest bag by rong

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