Hanhai Luxury Condominiums by Amphibianarc

A pioneer of high-end residence in central China

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4月初,弄极(原Amphibianarc设计总监)离我们而去转眼已经半年。在公司里,我们已经重拾精神,全身心投入到新的设计任务中。在工地上,晴宇项目如期拔地而起,逆势冲击着郑州的高端住宅市场。兼做销售中心的Clubhouse,已经在去年10月完全投入使用。我们决定派一位建筑师出身的专业摄影师,拍摄一组Clubhouse的照片, 作为我们对弄极以及Amphibianarc时期建筑的纪念。


Hanhai Luxury Condominiums consists of nine high-rise residential towers with subterranean parking, two semi-public club houses and a nine classroom kindergarten around a central garden space, carefully arranged for solar exposure and views of the water way.  The club houses include services such as restaurants, gymnasiums and pools, and retail establishments.  Coupled with the kindergarten facility, these elements provide many amenities on-site and all within walking distance to the residents.

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客户将项目定位为高档住宅,目标是成为此类型住宅的行业领导者。我们的提案兼具美观和功能性,以独具一格的设计和高端定位吸引对品质有极高要求的人群,住 宅单位将拥有私密性、舒适性、自然通风和充足的日照。大型私家露台和生活小阳台将景观引入每个单位,大面积可动的玻璃门更可以将起居空间扩大到户外。

Our Client’s business plan is to position the project in the region’s high-end residential demographic, with the goal of becoming a leader in this project type.  As such, our design looks to an amenity and feature rich project which provides a unique and luxurious environment to attract an exclusive clientele. The residential units have been designed for privacy and comfort with ample opportunity for cross ventilation and multiple spaces with good sun exposure. The large private terraces and small balconies bring the landscape to each unit, and the terraces allow each unit to expand the living spaces into the outdoors through the use of large sections of operable glass walls.

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整体小区规划项目以”云”这一自然景观为设计概念, 在前期规划时,就致力于打造全智能化的云社区,结合高新科技重新定义互联网时代的家居生活方式。设计团队也把“云” 这一概念延伸到建筑设计上。会所的设计就是“云”概念的核心体现。建筑立面的设计采用了大面积的白色铝板,与其所形成的新云流水般的几何形体相得益彰。配 合深色玻璃幕墙,主体部分与白色的流线型灵动曲线形成强烈对比,在视觉上凸显出挑部分的轻盈灵动感,如“云”般诗意。

The design draws inspiration from the concept of the “cloud”. During the pre-planning stage, we committed to creating an all-intelligent “cloud” community combined with advanced technology to redefine the emerging lifestyle of the internet age. Meanwhile, the design team also extends the concept of the “cloud” to the architectural design. The building facade design uses large areas of dark glass that stand in sharp contrast with the sleek white fluid geometries which was made of snow white aluminum cladding, highlighting a spirit of dynamic lightness for the overhangs visually. The fluidity of the large cantilever pieces wrapping around the main body of the club house, materialize the “cloud” concept into a dynamic architectural form.

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This not fully completed project has generated enormous interest in the local market.Furthermore, it has become an iconic project for Hanhai Real Estate Developmentin Zhengzhou. According to the client, four of the nine towers apartment hasbeen sold out, and the larger units are attracting a lot of buyers in theupcoming high-end Condo market.

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时间:2012 – 2016
状态: 在建
摄影 :戴哲嘉
Design Team: Amphibianarc
Name: Hanhai Qingyu Luxury Condo
Location: Zhengzhout, China
Status: Under Construction
Time: 2012 -2016
Building Area: 215,000 s.q.m.
Photographer: Zhejia Dai

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