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Hangzhou Yuexiu Tianyue Jiangwan Project Demonstration Zone is located in the core area of Genbei New Town, Hangzhou. The first opening demonstration area is built in combination with the real community scene in the future, creating a triple courtyard effect space on the axis up to 100 meters in depth.

▼建筑外观,External view of the building


Preorder guidance


After passing through the welcoming building, the first thing to enter the view is the sunken landscape courtyard. The rich landscape layers can help the large art museum, which is oppressed in the horizontal space, extend vertically, thus expanding the visual space. Courtyard landscape design continues the organic style of interior design. In terms of the function of the club, the gym, swimming pool and basketball stadium all have different requirements for net height, which brings about the problem that the rectangular sunken garden needs to be connected with different building elevations. With the technique of Yin and Yang opposites, designers use different elevations and soft and hard design of the site to transform the originally unfavorable design conditions into a rich courtyard space. The asymmetric fluidity design also weakens the monotony of the axis of the rectangular sunken courtyard. Let the whole front space of the art gallery flow.

▼下沉式庭院 ,Sunken Garden


Space climax


The climax of the space is the star art gallery behind the sunken garden. The concept of an art gallery is derived from an uncut jade under the star. Designers think that the uncarved pure plain stone can reflect a kind of original pure beauty. When cut open the original jade, show its crystal clear internal image, reflects an internal beauty. This is exactly in line with the Tianyue Jiangwan project reclusive city positioning.

▼星空艺术馆入口小径,Star art gallery entrance path


The organic space experience inside the simple form



In order to form a simple and original architectural image with a sense of ecological strength, designers at the beginning of the design on a variety of design techniques to maintain maximum restraint. The ground part of the star gallery is basically an extremely simple rectangular volume. In order to strengthen the independence of this vo lume, its roof and colonnade were even designed to be completely separated from the main body of the art gallery. There was a windfall. In conjunction with the design of the roof perforated panel, the detached form enhances the visual perception of the perforated panel extending infinitely to the rear. This also corresponds to our original intention of starry sky.

The interior space is filled with organic arcs that contrast sharply with the building’s strong exterior image. For the choice of interior materials, the designer used dark and light beige with a strong sense of contrast. In the design of interior space, the locally elevated site and the form of two floors overhanging also enrich the spatial hierarchy.

▼体量生成,volume generation



bstract facade design


The front facade of the art gallery is as bright as the jade interior. The steel structure is used as the main body of the structure, which can support the large internal space lightly. In order to reduce the thickness of the top, there is a gap between the transparent main part and the roof of the steel structure, and at the same time, the shape of the perforated board on the top has a certain extent of extension effect. The perforated plate used on the outside of the glass curtain wall is a unique perforated plate made of repeated and deformed enterprise logo, and the final effect is achieved with 6mm champagne golden aluminum plate. Virtual and real transformation without losing transparency.

▼星空艺术馆入口,Star art gallery entrance

▼百叶细部,Shutter details


The back facade of art gallery is given priority to with stone material, representing the original stone surface of unprocessed jade. The designer combined the same modulus stone with different slit widths, and placed LED lights between the wide slit of the stone to form a unique facade texture with narrow and tight slit.

▼星空艺术馆背立面,Back facade of star art gallery


After several rounds of comparison, the designer finally chose the imported stone with grey overall color –The Wizard of Oz. This stone base color is gray, but it is interspersed with different gray-scale texture levels and dark red variegated colors. Look at it from a distance, maintain advanced feeling of gray, look closely also has rich detail, agree with art gallery whole style very much.

▼石材立面细部,Details of the stone facade


Architectural – interior – landscape integration of artistic expression


At night, the scattered light poured in through the hollow out the hole of the roof overhang, bright stars from roof overhang has been extended to the side pillars. Standing under the eaves looking up, like the galaxy, the stars slowly flowing to the ground.

▼庭院尽头水幕,A curtain of water at the end of the courtyard

▼会所游泳馆,Club swimming pool


A secluded entrance space

入口迎宾楼作为社区第一印象,设计师将叠瀑水景、艺术装置、建筑立面整体考虑,通过空间的退让,场地的缓坡将社区入口与城市道路向连,显示出洗净铅华始现金 褪去浮华归本真的形象。

The entrance to the welcome building will serve as the first impression of the community. The designer considered the cascade waterscape, art installation and building facade as a whole, and through the space setback, the site’s gentle slope connected the community entrance with the urban road, once again highlighting the temperament and image of the recluse city of Tianyue Jiangwan project.

▼入口处景观,Entrance landscape

▼迎宾楼,Welcome Building


Architectural details


▼节点构造,Panel point structure

In the treatment of architectural details, the designer pays much attention to. In order to make the interface between the stone and the aluminum plate is not damaged by uneven curtain wall structure glue, the designer deliberately set up a groove on the aluminum plate and the stone material interface, so that the glue seam is hidden in the groove and does not destroy the effect of the facade. And the design on floodlighting also cooperated the design unit of curtain wall and floodlighting to achieve the design of conceal type the LED light bar as far as possible.

▼总平面图,site plan

▼一层平面图,first floor plan

▼二层平面图,second floor plan



Design: Tianhua Architecture Planning&Engineering Ltd.
Design & Completion Year: 2017.3-2017.9
Project location: Jianggan District,Hangzhou City,Zhejiang Province
Gross Built Area (square meters): 370771.82㎡
Photo Credits: Schran Images
Clients: Yuexiu Real Estate East China Regional Company

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