Hadlaub Iinterior by HILDEBRAND

Combination of eastern and western design aesthetics

Project Specs


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In the renovation, traditional eastern and modern western design principles were combined. When you enter the sleeping area through the Shoji sliding door, you are led past the changing room to the bathroom by a slatted frame made of fine maple wood.

▼卧室概览,overall of the bedroom ©Andrea Diglas


The Tatami bedroom has been artfully decorated with a natural clay plaster applied by a Japanese craftsman. The pattern of a slowly flattening wave is modelled on the wall, which intentionally gives the room a washed-out structure. The sideboard furniture at the top of the futon is made from an old untreated trunk of red cedar. The captivating and unifying element of this entire room sequence is the continuous wooden floor of dark ash parquet flooring cut out in the Japanese Naguri technique.

▼雪松树干制成的壁柜,The sideboard furniture made from an old untreated trunk of red cedar ©Andrea Diglas

▼天然粘土石膏墙面,natural clay plaster wall finishing ©Andrea Diglas

▼名栗(なぐり)技术制成的深色灰拼花木地板,wooden floor of dark ash parquet flooring cut out in the Japanese Naguri technique ©Andrea Diglas


The core of the task was to enable a Japanese bathing culture, namely a division into wet and dry areas and an intimate toilet. In the wet area, which is separated by glazed sliding panels, is the heart of the bathroom: the original Japanese wooden bathtub.

▼浴室区域干湿分离,The bathroom area is divided into wet and dry areas ©Andrea Diglas

▼潮湿区域由玻璃滑动面板隔开,the wet area is separated by glazed sliding panels ©Andrea Diglas

▼干燥区域的私密卫生间,intimate toilet ©Andrea Diglas

▼日式木制浴缸与淋浴间,original Japanese wooden bathtub and the shower room ©Andrea Diglas

▼洗手池细部,detail of the washing sink ©Andrea Diglas

▼平面图,plan ©HILDEBRAND

▼室内剖立面图,interior sections ©HILDEBRAND

Location: Zurich, ZH
Client: Private
Project description: Renovation condominium
Architecture / Collaboration: HILDEBRAND
Project leader: Yuichi Kodai (ph 11-21), Verena Jehle (ph 31-51)
Project team: Thomas Hildebrand, Yuichi Kodai, Verena Jehle
Size: 160 m2 GF
Dates: Project Planning:2019 / Execution: 2020

More: HILDEBRAND 。更多关于他们:HILDEBRAND on gooood

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