GV House by This is IT

A 150 sqm family house renovation.

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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This house built in the early 80s, was purchased by a young family that wanted it updated and renovated in order to fit better with their lifestyle and everyday needs. Since it had its charm and character, the initial decision was to go for materials that will retell the story of the house in a new manner.

▼改造后的厨房,kitchen after transformation


The ground level’s floor is made of grey Terrazzo. Thin Brass profiles are interlaced in the terrazzo and concrete, in order to create continuous lines from the kitchen to the backyard and across, from the staircase to the bright patio.

▼黄铜细节建立了空间联系,the brass detail built the connections between spaces

▼起居室,living room


▼地板上的黄铜分割线,thin brass profiles are interlaced in the terrazzo and concrete



Two concrete stairs divide it and lead to the living room, emphasizing the existing structural qualities and volumes.

▼随楼梯步入上层空间,stairs to the living spaces


In the bedrooms floor, wood replaces the terrazzo, to soften and bring warmness to the rooms. Concrete and brass details reappear in the second floor, in different scales and variations, linking the materiality and textures of the house.

▼卧室采用木材代替水磨石作为地面,in the bedrooms floor, wood replaces the terrazzo

▼卧室地板细节,detail of the floor in the bedroom


▼黄铜线贯穿于洗手间的各个细节装饰中,brass lines in the bathroom



Materials: Terrazzo, concrete, glass, metal in forms of black steel and brass
Year: 2016
Size: 150 sqm
Photography: Matan Katz

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