‘Grotto’ by takk

Meeting space and shop for the watch brand Swatch in Madrid

Project Specs


来自 takk 对gooood的分享。
Appreciation towards takk for providing the following description:


The project tries to redefine the classic configuration of a store that is strictly intended to the sale of products and do a more complex proposal. “Grotto” is a space where, as well as seeing and buying the classical watches of the Swiss brand, the focus of its attention is to generate a place for meeting where we can propose other public activities such as lectures, workshops or debates. For that purpose a single, organic, soft, festive, and with geological references space is proposed.



In this way the space generates places where the user can choose how to live them. (S)he can seat at a 40cm height or at a 2m height. Either alone or with other people. (S)he can chill and have a coffee or climb the walls. To this end we get inspired in spaces such as caves, caverns or quarries. How the light gets in them, and how they generate appropriable spaces.

▼设计师从洞穴和采石场获得了灵感,the design was inspired by spaces such as caves, caverns or quarries

▼开口和凹洞带来座位和临时的看台,openings or holes are used as seats or improvised tribunes


Coming to its construction, the project is organized in six domes that are concatenated around a central pillar and making space, function and structure coincident. The top part of these domes allows the access of light through a hidden lighting system behind a floral pattern that, if wished, it can cause the highlighting of the space through its projected shadows. The vertical dome walls are organically deformed so to absorb a part of the proposed functionality, using openings or holes as seats or improvised tribunes. Finally, the biggest dome is used as the main shopping space. A curtain specially built for the occasion through a catenary system made out of chains and foam pieces wraps the exhibition space for watches and achieves a unique experience of watching and selling in the complex.

▼由链条和泡沫制成的悬垂线帘,a catenary system made out of chains and foam pieces

▼墙壁细部,wall detail

▼屋顶平面图,rooftop plan

Name: Grotto
Author: TAKK, Mireia Luzárraga, Alejandro Muiño
IG: @we_are_takk
Location: Madrid, Spain
Client: Swatch
Year: 2018
Status: Completed
Program: Retail
Photography: José Hevia

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