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A shimmering Jiangnan impression

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“Grandma’s Home” is a highly reputable restaurant chain that offers affordable cuisines in China. Originated in Hangzhou, the restaurant’s slogan reads “Grandma’s from Westlake”. This new branch restaurant is located on the 8th floor of the shopping mall in GDA Plaza. Chinese restaurants tend to use dark color tones for its interior space design with a variety of traditional Chinese design symbols or homely style.



How to break through the stereotype impression of Chinese restaurants and bring it closer to the taste of the emerging young consumer groups? We look at the complex words, images and purposes behind “Grandma’s Home” restaurant and explore to sort out and express a line of clues, e.g. the emotions implied by the symbol “grandmother’s home”, impression of Chinese restaurants, and its slogan which indicates unique landscape features of Jiangnan, the region south of the Yangtze River.

▼在厨房位置不可变的情况下,将空间由一条狭长的走廊连接,the kitchen occupies a unique spot in the restaurant, dividing the space into two dining areas that are connected by a narrow and long corridor

▼出餐口,pick-up area


The large kitchen occupies a unique spot in the restaurant, dividing the space into two dining areas that are connected by a narrow and long corridor. The whole space is shaped like a dragon. What we wanted to achieve is a continuation of the dining atmosphere into the corridor and spatial experience, while shading the area from the setting sun.

▼狭长的通道解决并且延续了空间的连贯性,the long and narrow corridor solves the problem of consistency

▼曲面的不锈钢吊顶隐藏了消防、喷淋、空调进出风等系统,curved stainless steel ceiling covers up and hides the fire equipment, sprinklers and air conditioning outlets system


All the challenges can be solved with the help of this long and narrow corridor. Curved stainless steel ceiling covers up and hides the fire equipment, sprinklers, air conditioning outlets, fresh air system and lights while providing shading function. We use stainless steel materials that have been treated with an atomization process, so that the cold metal texture becomes more soft. The kitchen has 3 pick-up areas. Hand-made mirror-like stainless surface mimics the shape of ripples on water while ceiling lamps hang as if water drops are falling. At the entrance, a tilted stainless steel warehouse amplifies the spatial experience with its reflection and slope.

▼不锈钢进行雾化处理,让生冷的质感变得柔和,the stainless steel was treated with an atomization process to soften the metal texture

▼镜面元素和水绿色水磨石柱构成波光粼粼的江南印象,mirrors and aqua green terrazzo create a shimmering Jiangnan impression

整个空间就是一块镜面不锈钢,水面、水花、水滴,和水有关的大小叠加,与满目的水绿色水磨石,构成波光粼粼的“湖水荷叶” 江南印象。竹编的手工感肌理作为调和,斜挂的木框镜子是接近传统的一些痕迹。在同样高速发展的餐饮业,这个空间希望能让客人在平价餐厅感受到视觉的关怀和时尚度,在这里传承和更新进入对话。

The whole space is covered by a mirror of stainless steel with multiple water-related elements superimposed on each other: water surface, splash, droplets. Together with aqua green terrazzo, the restaurant creates a Jiangnan impression of “lotus leaves in a glistening lake”. In addition, hand-plaited bamboo element adds harmony to the space, while tilted wooden-framed mirrors bring the relationship closer to some of the traditional symbols. In the fast-paced restaurant industry in China, it is our wish that diners could experience fashionable and unique attentiveness and care in this reputable and affordable restaurant chain. Inheritance and renewal hence enters the dialogue.

▼空间充斥着多种和水有关的元素叠加,the whole space consists of multiple water-related elements superimposed on each other

▼斜挂的木框镜子留下传统痕迹,tilted wooden-framed mirrors used as traditional symbols


▼不锈钢天花细部,detail of the steel ceiling

项目:Grandma’s home 外婆家国大店
Project: Grandma’s Home at GDA Plaza
Design: Hangzhou AN Interior Design Co.,Ltd.
Area: 400㎡
Position:Hangzhou, China
Time:September, 2017
Photo by Yujie Liu

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