Grand Park Hotel Rovinj by 3LHD

A viewpoint for the most beautiful stage on the Adriatic

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罗维尼Grand Park酒店坐落在亚得里亚海沿岸的一个视野绝佳的场地:从酒店的任何方位,都能够体验到公园般的氛围,同时俯瞰罗维尼市的城市和海岛风貌。酒店不仅直接与海岸相连,还靠近码头和海滨长廊,同时将市区与Monte Mulini一带的旅游景点连接在一起。

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj is a viewpoint for the most beautiful stage on the Adriatic. No matter where he is in the hotel, the guest gets the impression he is staying in a park overlooking Rovinj, St. Euphemia, the island of St. Catherine and the most beautiful sea sunset. Located directly on the coast, near the marina and the promenade, it connects the inner city area with the tourist attractions of the Monte Mulini zone.

▼项目概览,overview ©Jure Zivkovic


▼酒店的体量遵循场地的坡度逐步退后,the floors of the hotel offset to follow the slope of the site ©Jure Zivkovic

▼公共泳池,public pool area ©Jure Zivkovic

▼超大型露天平台和花园,the large outdoor terraces and gardens ©Jure Zivkovic

In order to blend into the existing forest, the floors offset to follow the slope of the site and form large terraces, Mediterranean gardens, pools and sundecks. A bar with a terrace and an a la carte restaurant are located in the lobby and the reception area, which is connected to the main restaurant with a central staircase. Great significance in the hotels’ view was given to five pine trees that have been growing on the site for over half a century. The congress hall overlooks the Rovinj peninsula through the largest glass window in Europe. Wellness zone includes a spa, a sunbathing area and three swimming pools, extending on two floors overlooking the surrounding woods and the town. The main pool is partially placed in a glass pavilion which opens in the summer, intertwining the interior with the park and the sea.

▼剖面透视图,sectional perspective ©3LHD

▼无边界反射池,endless reflecting pool ©Jure Zivkovic

▼水池旁的会议大厅拥有全欧洲最大的玻璃窗户,the congress hall beside the pool overlooks the Rovinj peninsula through the largest glass window in Europe ©Jure Zivkovic

▼从水池望向露台,view to the terrace from the pool ©Jure Zivkovic

▼餐厅,restaurant ©Jure Zivkovic

▼露台用餐区,dining area on the terrace ©Jure Zivkovic

▼主泳池的一部分位于被玻璃围合的场馆中,the main pool is partially placed in a glass pavilion ©Jure Zivkovic

▼泳池休息区,pool seating area ©Jure Zivkovic

▼餐吧,bar ©Jure Zivkovic

室内空间由意大利建筑师和设计师Piero Lissoni打造。公共区域以精致的细节和风格鲜明的家具为特征。尽管款式各不相同,这些家具仍旧共同营造出一种独特的整体叙事。酒店的调性也是设计的重点所在。客房以大地色系为主,与包围着酒店的碧海蓝天形成对话的关系。

Italian architect and designer Piero Lissoni was in charge for interior design. Public spaces are characterized by a multitude of details, a large number of types and specific pieces of furniture that, despite mutual diversity, make a unique story together. Special attention was dedicated to styling. Earthy tones and colors prevail in the rooms – a counterpoint to the blue sky and sea that surround the hotel.

▼酒店大堂,lobby ©Jure Zivkovic

▼公共区域,public area ©Jure Zivkovic

▼电梯厅和接待区,elevator hall and reception ©Jure Zivkovic

▼楼梯,stair ©Jure Zivkovic

▼客房内部,guest room interior ©Maistra

▼花园露台,garden and terrace ©Jure Zivkovic

▼植物景观,planting detail ©Jure Zivkovic


The areas alongside the promenade are functionally and formally different from other spaces. They are intended to be a new space for social gatherings, a square with diverse amenities. A relaxing atmosphere is created by water surfaces, carefully selected paving and greenery, which frame particular content zones and makes the whole area both attractive and accessible.

▼漫步道沿线空间,the areas alongside the promenade ©Jure Zivkovic

▼夜间的公共广场,the plaza by night ©Jure Zivkovic

▼水景和绿色植物共同营造出轻松惬意的氛围,a relaxing atmosphere is created by water surfaces and greenery ©Jure Zivkovic

▼水景,water scape ©Jure Zivkovic

▼阶梯式露台与周边环境,the landscaped terrace and the context ©Jure Zivkovic

▼场地平面图,site plan ©3LHD

▼轴测图,axon ©3LHD

▼露台透视,perspective ©3LHD

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan ©3LHD


Textual description: Grand Park Hotel Rovinj
Architecture: 3LHD

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