Graber Hof by Architekt Andreas Gruber

Integrated traditional and contemporariness

Project Specs


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The Graber Hof in Aicha near Schabs has been run by the Neumair family for many generations. Stone fruit thrives in the fields in the highest quality. In addition, the young farmers are testing many new varieties that are not yet native to Aicha. The architect was commissioned to build a new farmhouse that fits seamlessly into the landscape.

▼建筑外观,exterior view


The new building picks up on the historic building typology of the village and also forms the entrance to the “Oberdorf”. A new courtyard is accessed via the municipal road. The project also includes an old barn wall, which closes the building towards the entrance to the courtyard. The stone facade facing the north gives the project a special recognition value, while the south facade was developed from a standardized lime plaster and specially processed. The shape of the building derives from the functional arrangement of the interiors, the topographical parameters, the exposure and the orientation towards the sun. Westward, the floor plan was rejuvenated, and the new terrace creates living quality for the living spaces behind.

▼石砌立面和石灰立面的结合,a combination of the stone facade and plastered facade

▼深入山林的体量,a farmhouse that fits seamlessly into the landscape

▼新修的露台,the new-built terrace


Customized details and component developments gave the farmhouse a special character. The use of raw materials in the sense of traditional consciousness for the local building culture was combined with the claim of the builders for maintenance-free materials. Inside the house, the floor has already told a story about processing, grinding, smoothing and filling. The reinforced concrete ceiling, the walls and doors were unified by a chalk white finishing, while the solid wood furniture creates a desired, warm and cozy atmosphere.

▼露台使起居空间的使用体验得到了改善,the terrace creates living quality for the living spaces behind

▼从餐厅望向客厅,living room seen from the dining room

▼客厅内的嵌入式家具,built-in furniture in the living room

▼实木材料带来温暖的感觉,the solid wood surface creates a desired, warm and cozy atmosphere

▼餐厅和厨房区域,dining room and kitchen

▼厨房细部,kitchen detailed view

▼窗户细部,window detailed view


▼混凝土天花板,concrete ceiling


▼石膏立面细部,the plastered facade detail

▼墙面细部,finishing material

▼石砌立面细部,stone facade detail

▼外观夜景,exterior night view

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