Gnomo’s New Lifestyle Shop, Valencia by Masquespacio

Cheerful and amusing,fresh and natural lifestyle store telling stories with products.

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Masquespacio presents its last interior design project for lifestyle shop Gnomo, situated in the well acclaimed Valencia quarter Ruzafa. The project has its departure from the store specialized in objects and decora-tion that decided to open in 2010 in Valencia as an ode to design and a particular lifestyle that seeks for originality and beautiful things as told by the owners. To celebrate their sixth birthday they decided to move to a new street in the popular quarter Ruzafa and count on Masquespacio for the design of their new home.

▼Gnomo生活馆门面,Gnomo’s New Lifestyle Shop Storefront

2-Gnomo's New Lifestyle Shop, Valencia by Masquespacio


About the interior project in first case Masquespacio decided to maintain the eighties aspect from the space, adding a contemporary touch to it. A granite floor with a smooth color was added, together with white walls and a touch of blue and green to create a cheerful and amusing feeling to the lifestyle shop.

▼优雅的花岗岩地板,A elegant granite floor

4-Gnomo's New Lifestyle Shop, Valencia by Masquespacio

▼收银台,Reception counter desk

3-Gnomo's New Lifestyle Shop, Valencia by Masquespacio

▼蓝色楼板、青色楼梯、绿植点缀空间,Blue ceiling, cyan staircase and vegatation decorates space

5-Gnomo's New Lifestyle Shop, Valencia by Masquespacio

6-Gnomo's New Lifestyle Shop, Valencia by Masquespacio

Masquespacio事务所的设计总监Ana Hernández说道:“考虑到Gnomo售卖物品多种多样,品牌来源广泛,所以有必要创造一个活跃有趣的环境同时保持视觉感官的秩序。”展示产品方面,建筑师设计了一系列定制的可自由移动的展示桌,旨在为Gnomo商店提供变幻展示方式的多种可能性以适应不同的产品需求。Gnomo生活馆内几乎每一件物品都是独家设计除了收银台。

Ana Hernández, creative director of Masquespacio: “Taking in count that Gnomo sells different kind of objects from a wide set of brands, it was important to create a funny and happy feeling, but without creating a visual disorder.” Talking about the product exhibition, a series of tables and display elements easy to move were custom-made. That way the intention was to offer Gnomo’s store the possibility to change the product exhibition at any time depending on the actual type of products on sale. As for every project all the elements were designed exclusively for Gnomo, with exception of the counter desk.

▼定制的可自由移动的展示桌,custom-made tables are easy to move

7-Gnomo's New Lifestyle Shop, Valencia by Masquespacio

9-Gnomo's New Lifestyle Shop, Valencia by Masquespacio

Gnomo创始人Álvaro Zarzuela y Esther Martín说道:“它不仅仅是一个售卖物品的商店,更是一个不断发生着新故事的、备俱创造性的空间。人们在这类分享故事与生活。每一件商品都有自己独特的故事,有时候是其品牌的历史故事,有时候是我们的生活故事,大部分故事还是来源于商品与客户的不解之缘。”

Álvaro Zarzuela y Esther Martín, founders of Gnomo: “In this space continuously reinvented, above selling design objects, stories are gifted. More than a store, for us Gnomo is a space to share experiences. All the objects we sell have their own history. Sometimes its the history of their brand, sometimes its the history we are living and most of the time it is a history told by our clients.”

▼一个不断发生着新故事的、备俱创造性的空间,In this space continuously reinvented, above selling design objects, stories are gifted

10-Gnomo's New Lifestyle Shop, Valencia by Masquespacio

11-Gnomo's New Lifestyle Shop, Valencia by Masquespacio

Awards & nominations
Massimo Dutti “New Values” by Architectural Digest Spain – Winner 2016
Wave of the Future Award by Hospitality Design Magazine – Winner 2016
Red Dot Design Award – Telling Tales LZF Lamps Corporate Campaign Winner 2016
Hospitality Design Nomination – Best Upscale Restaurant 2016 Nozomi Sushi Bar
Restaurant & Bar Design Nomination – Best Europe Restaurant 2015 Nozomi Sushi Bar
WAN Awards Emergent Studio – Longlist 2015
PAD Colombia Gold – Interior Architecture Winner 2014
German Design Award Nomination – 2Day Languages 2014
International Chinese Media Award Nomination – Kessalao Germany 2014
Best of Archilovers 2015 – Nozomi Sushi Bar 2015
Best of Archilovers 2015 – Academia Altimira 2015
Design & Design Award Winner – Several projects (21 awards)

Client: Gnomo
Address: Calle Cuba 32, 46006 Valencia
Photography: Luis Beltran

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