“Gardenhouse”, MAD Architects’First Project in the US has Topped Out.

Bring the natural flora into the city

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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▼俯瞰建筑,Top view

In our congested urban centers, modern housing has come to prioritize function over consideration for a human’s emotional relationship with the living and natural environment. “Gardenhouse” demonstrates MAD’s core design philosophy: to harmoniously interweave nature, humanity and the built environment in our high-density cities.



Located along the iconic Wilshire Boulevard, “Gardenhouse” brings the natural flora found in the adjacent foothills of Los Angeles, into the city of Beverly Hills.

▼施工现场,Construction site


在常年干旱的南加州,“花院” 以不同的方式与自然连接。建筑内部的中心庭院,将布满本地植被和绿树;建筑也将拥有美国国内最大的植物外墙,覆盖着本地耐旱仙人掌及藤蔓等绿植的节水植物墙。

Wrapped in an outdoor living wall that is one of the largest-to-date in the US, the design rises out of the ground as a small hill, covered in lush plantings of native, drought-tolerant succulents and vines. Atop the hill is an 18-residential “village” that is composed of a cluster of white glass villas and trees that ascend upward. Contouring the Beverly Hills skyline, it provides a distinctive streetscape.

▼室内施工现场,Interior view


The “hillside village” offers a variety of different housing typologies – three townhouses, two studios, five villas and eight condominiums – that are arranged to cultivate a private neighborhood feeling in the middle of the city. Individual balconies and patios extend out over an inner courtyard that allows villa residents to at once, enjoy the nature and independence from neighbors. There is also a balance between public and private as the housing appears opaque from the street, but reveals a transparent façade facing toward the private garden and other residential units.



“We want to bring the green atmosphere into what would traditionally be considered compact, condo living, by breaking down the scale and massing of the building. Rather than develop architecture where nature exists around the building, we want to give residents the experience of being in the middle of nature, while they enjoy the conveniences of big city living.”– Ma Yansong


“花院” 预计将于2018年底建成。

“Gardenhouse” is expected to be completed in the end of 2018.

基地面积:25,700 平方英尺
建筑面积:47,496 平方英尺
副合伙人:陆骏良 ,Flora Lee
设计团队:李广崇,Cesar D Pena del Rey, Jeffrey Miner, Joanna Tan, Chris Hung-Yu Chen, Xie Wenshan
业主:Palisades Capital Partners LLC
合作建筑师:Gruen Associates
景观建筑师:Gruen Associates
室内设计师:Rottet Studio
结构工程师:John Labib & Associates
MEP 工程师:Breen Engineering Inc.
土木工程师:Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.

Los Angeles, USA
Typology: Residential, Commercial
Site Area: 25,700 sq.ft.
Building Area: 47,496 sq.ft.
Building Height: 61 ft.
Partners in Charge: Ma Yansong, Dang Qun, Yosuke Hayano
Associate Partners in Charge: Lu Junliang (Dixon), Flora Lee
Design Team: Li Guangchong, Cesar D Pena del Rey, Jeffrey Miner, Joanna Tan, Chris Hung-Yu Chen, Xie Wenshan
Client: Palisades Capital Partners LLC
Executive Architect: Gruen Associates
Landscape Architect: Gruen Associates
Interior Designer: Rottet Studio
Structural Engineer: John Labib & Associates
MEP Engineer: Breen Engineering Inc.
Civil Engineer: Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.


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