Ghat House by Max Núñez

Lying on a terrain and facing the Pacific Ocean

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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The house is located on a terrain that has a 25o inclination, facing the Pacific Ocean. Its design, structure, internal organization, and the lifestyle proposed within it were determined by the pre- existing conditions of the topography.

▼建筑栖身于倾斜的坡面上,the house is located on a terrain


The inclined surface of the roof is parallel to the natural slope of the site and it’s occupied by a large stair with unusual proportions for a domestic program. Below this oblique plane a diagonal interior space contains the different programs of the house. The monotony of the free plan is redefined by the slope, creating an interior topography of varying levels with different sizes and heights.

▼异乎寻常的巨型楼梯,a large stair with unusual proportions


The roof is supported by 15 concrete columns with different sizes and shapes. Their geometry was determined by their structural needs and its heterogeneous shapes manage to individualize each column as a singular element, avoiding the reading of a rigid structural grid ordering the plan. Each column generates a particular point in space and the framing of the landscape between them is always diverse.

▼屋顶由15根不同尺寸和形态的混凝土柱子支撑,the roof is supported by 15 concrete columns with different sizes and shapes

▼柱间围框出不同风景, framing of the landscape between columns is always diverse


Four lighter volumes cladded in wood interfere with the surface of the roof and the space below it. Three of these volumes contain the private rooms, and the fourth, smaller in dimensions, contains a direct access to the roof from the inside. These volumes are located under, beside, and above the roof, establishing ambiguous relations between the private and public areas of the house.

▼木纹装点的内部空间,volumes cladded in wood

▼特殊的地势条件打破了千篇一律的开放性空间布局,the monotony of the free plan is redefined by the slope

▼厨房及餐厅,kitchen and dining space

▼客厅与望海,facing to the sea

▼观景平台,the view point

▼卧室望海,bedroom with the view to the sea

▼通往屋顶露台,to the roof terrace

▼屋顶露台,terrace on the roof

▼夜景,night view



▼下层平面图,lower floor plan

▼上层平面图,the upper floor plan



▼15根支撑柱,the 15 columns

Architect: Max Núñez
Associate architect: Stefano Rolla Location: Cachagua, Zapallar, Chile
Date of completion: May 2015
Structural Engineering: Mauricio Ahumada Building Contractor: Francisco Álvarez Landscape design: Alejandra Marambio Lighting design: Estudio Par
Technical Inspection: Alfonso Bravo
Built surface: 390 m2
Photos: Roland Halbe

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