French Bulldog by muren

An innovative wooden assembled toy.

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伴物萌宠趣拼是一款极具创新的木质拼装玩具,团队最初的设计理念是希望设计一款参与性强的产品来增加人们情感交流和互动。所以在反复的讨论之后,我们选择以萌宠作为突破口, 用比较憨萌的法斗作为产品原型,进行全新的创作。拼装的产品形式,让用户有了更深的参与感,同时也加强了产品在实现过程的乐趣。而拼装完成的趣拼法斗,表情呆萌,动作憨态,也让用户产生了更多的创作和改造的欲望,增强了产品本身的生命力。

The assembled French Bulldog is an innovative wooden assembled toy. The team’s initial design philosophy is to design a participatory product to increase people’s emotional communication and interaction. So after repeated discussions, we chose to use Meng Chong as a breakthrough point. With a relatively cute French bulldog as a prototype, a new creation. Assembled product forms allow users to have a deeper sense of participation, but also enhance the fun of the product in the implementation process. The assembled wooden French bulldogs, with their expressions and cute gestures, also gave users more desire to create and transform, and enhanced the vitality of the product itself.

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分 类:设计

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