Forte Apartment by Merooficina

Pushing and pulling, the space is different

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公寓所在的建筑建于90年代中期,是该片区快速发展时期的产物。公寓的内部空间布局或许也受无序建设的影响,多少有些奇怪:本应是最私密的卧室空间被布置在了临近Ruy Belo大街的一侧,虽能看到海景,但也饱受噪音干扰;而起居室和厨房等公共空间则靠近安静的后院。这种布局削弱了公寓公共空间和城市的联系,公寓内的日常生活变得黯淡而无趣。建筑师对公寓的第一个改动便是重新整理建筑内部空间的序列。

Integrated on a housing facility from the mid 90’s, the apartment is a result of the rampant construction that characterizes the neighborhood growing where it’s located. Maybe for this reason, it was organized in a very uncommon way: the house’s most intimate area was facing to the only public space that confronts the building, Ruy Belo street, traced by the seaside landscape and the noise; while the house’s collective zone, the living room and the kitchen, enjoyed the calm of the backyard.
This feature made the apartment’s living experience quite dark and little related with its urban context, therefore, making fundamental to reverse this random character and rotate the apartment’s internal organization.

▽ 公共空间,collective zone

005-Forte Apartment by Merooficina

008-Forte Apartment by Merooficina

013-Forte Apartment by Merooficina     016-Forte Apartment by Merooficina

▽ 私密空间,intimate area

021-Forte Apartment by Merooficina     022-Forte Apartment by Merooficina

024-Forte Apartment by Merooficina     034-Forte Apartment by Merooficina

▽(左,left)改造前平面,plan before renovation;(右,right)改造后平面,plan after renovation

035-Forte Apartment by Merooficina     036-Forte Apartment by Merooficina


Settling a hinge on the existent infrastructural core, where we relocated the bathrooms and the laundry, we turned the living and kitchen space towards the beach and the bedrooms to the block’s quite garden.
The house’s internal organization is now appointed by this service central core and by a plywood surfaces line, which extends itself throughout the apartment and allows to multiply the number of bedrooms.

Opening and closing the folding doors, which finish off the plywood line, one breaks and redefines the apartment spaces, ensuring some flexibility on the occupation and the number of inhabitants.

▽ 客厅与厨房空间的拉门,folding door at the living area

001-Forte Apartment by Merooficina     002-Forte Apartment by Merooficina

014-Forte Apartment by Merooficina     015-Forte Apartment by Merooficina

▽ 卧室空间的拉门,folding door at the bedrooms

026-Forte Apartment by Merooficina    027-Forte Apartment by Merooficina

▽ 剖面,可推拉的木门,sections with door opened and closed

038-Forte Apartment by Merooficina

037-Forte Apartment by Merooficina



As it is a holiday home, for summer and weekends, it was our intention to give an important role to the trivial domestic tasks, which in these periods acquire a different time on quotidian life.
This way, the opened laundry to the entrance, by the presence of the marble vat, and the central counter of the kitchen, realms this functional dimension and enhanced the importance of the new organization on the house’s new ways of using.

The blue tiles, which wrap the central core, helps to highlight the ludic and summer character that was intended to be given to the apartment, while the construction options for light materials, like the birch cupboards and the marble cement floor, make the house more illuminated.

▽ 玄关处的洗衣池,the opened laundry to the entrance

019-Forte Apartment by Merooficina

020-Forte Apartment by Merooficina     018-Forte Apartment by Merooficina

▽ 房间中央的备餐台和炉灶,the central counter of the kitchen

012-Forte Apartment by Merooficina

010-Forte Apartment by Merooficina     011-Forte Apartment by Merooficina

▽ 剖面,蓝色的核心区,section,blue tiles wraping the central core

039-Forte Apartment by Merooficina


Through this materiality and the new exposure, we tried to bring more light to the apartment and to link, on a very clear way, the interior space of the house with the beach for which it turns to now.

▽ 公共空间与城市生活,apartment relating with its urban context

004-Forte Apartment by Merooficina

Drawings: Merooficina
English Text: Merooficina
Chinese Text: gooood

photograhs – José Campos

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